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Youth Symphony Messages

Dear Youth Symphony musicians,

It was wonderful to see all of you at last night’s virtual rehearsal.

Here are the seating auditions excerpts.  They will be held at our Jan. 24 rehearsal.  Please stay alert for any emails from BYSO regarding changes in the rehearsal schedule.  As you know, with the omicron variant, many organizations, schools, institutions, etc. are needing to be  flexible with their schedules.  No news from BYSO means schedules remain the same.

Bassoon solo excerpt:  Price bassoon 1, m. 252-260, quarter note = 72-76

Violin seating excerpts:  All from Price, violin 1 part – m. 305-307, quarter note = 92.   Also, m. 343-349, quarter note = 78.  Also, m. 466-474, quarter note = 88

Viola seating excerpts:  All from Price – m. 262-268 top line, quarter note = 84.  Also, m. 503-506, quarter note = 84

Cello seating excerpts:  All from Price – m. 342-349, quarter note = 78.  Also, m. 518-528, quarter note = 80-84


Dr. Metzger Howe


Winter Quarter music is now available to download and print here.  Please see below for seating assignments.

String Assignments:

Violin 1:  All fall quarter 1st violins, plus Giyun, Prithvi, Hailey, Vincent
Violin 2:  All fall quarter 2nd plus Andrea C

Woodwinds and Brass Assignments:

Flute 1:  Sienna, Claire, Charis / Flute 2:  Grace, Karina, Brian
Oboe 1:  Daniel / Oboe 2: Trey
Clarinet 1:  Sawaki, Yuchen / Clarinet 2: Ryan C
Bassoon 1:  Eileen, Lucy / Basson 2:  Grant, Kelly
Horn 1:  Nicolas, James / Horn 2:  Julie
Trumpet 1:  Vaughn / Trumpet 2:  Ryan L

Piccolo:  Charis / Flute 1:  Sienna, Claire / Flute 2:  Grace, Karina / Flute 3:  Brain
Oboe 1:  Daniel / Oboe 2: Trey / English Horn:  Trey
Clarinet 1:  Sawaki, Yuchen / Clarinet 2: Ryan C / Bass Clarinet Yuchen
Bassoon 1:  Eileen, Lucy / Basson 2:  Grant, Kelly / Contrabassoon Kelly
Horn 1:  Nicolas / Horn 2:  James / Horn 3:  Julie
Trumpet 1:  Vaughn
Trombone 1:  Ryan L

Below are YouTube links of performances of the music we will be rehearsing and performing.

First is Gil Shalam playing the Samuel Barber Violin Concerto, of which Katherine Li will play the first movement.  YouTube link here.

Next is a recording of Florence Price’s The Mississippi River Suite.  I don’t agree with all the choices the conductor made but it is a good representation of the composition. YouTube link here.

BYSO Youth Symphony Season 2021-22

Hear Our Voices: Amplifying music from women and Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI and LGBTQ+ composers


Concert date: November 21, 2021

Antonin Dvorak:  Carnival Overture                                                       

Louis Wayne Ballard: Indigenous
Scenes from Indian Life  

Aaron Copland:  LGBTQ+
Three Dances Episodes from Rodeo (Saturday Night Waltz, Corral                                                   Nocturne, Hoe Down)


Concert date: March 20. 2022

Samuel Barber:  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra,  Katherine Li, soloist

Florence Price:  Female/Black
The Mississippi River Suite                 


Concert date:  May 21, 2022 (Benaroya Concert)

Peter Tchaikovsky:  LGBTQ+
Capriccio Italien    

Jose Pablo Moncayo:  Latinx

Concert date: May 22, 2022 (with Cadet and Debut)

Elizabeth Lim: Female/ AAPI
Waltz for Forgotten Time  

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