Tuition & Fees

Tuition for BYSO’s 2019-20 season is shown in the table below. For students joining mid-year, tuition is adjusted according to participation.

                                                 2019-20 BYSO Tuition

Check/Cash w/Credit Card Fee
Youth Symphony
 $    750.00 $  780.00
Philharmonia  $     740.00  $ 770.00
Sinfonia  $     730.00  $  760.00
Premiere Orchestra
 $     710.00  $  740.00
Debut String Orchestra
 $     650.00  $  676.00
Cadet String Orchestra
 $     580.00  $ 604.00
Flute Choir & Orchestra
 $     735.00  $  765.00
Percussion Ensemble
 $     735.00  $  765.00

Tuition is due by the second rehearsal of the quarter in which the student joins BYSO. For students joining at the beginning of the season, tuition is due by the end of September.

Tuition is non-refundable.

Please do not pay tuition until your student has auditioned and received an ensemble assignment.

To pay tuition, visit the BYSO Shop.

Other Costs

  • $36 Audition/Registration Fee: This is non-refundable fee for each audition (including advancement auditions), payable at the time of the audition. Students in Youth Symphony and Percussion Ensemble who do not need to audition pay a $36 registration fee.
  • Optional Costs: The costs of tickets and other variable and optional items such as concert videos are not covered by tuition fees.

Volunteer Requirement

We ask all BYSO families to fulfill at least four hours of volunteer service per musician per year. Many different simple tasks are available. We often also have office odd jobs and small projects that are perfect for students needing a few more Community Service hours. View volunteer tasks or sign up now.

Do You Need Help With Tuition?

Learn about financial aid.

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