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Sinfonia is an advanced intermediate orchestra in the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra organization. Sinfonia employs full symphonic instrumentation (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion). The typical Sinfonia student has had some private instruction and school ensemble experience and is developing solid technical skills and musical understanding.

Sinfonia provides advancing students the opportunity to perform challenging literature for full orchestra. Past works performed include Haydn’s Symphony No. 104, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro Overture, and Barroso’s Aquarela do Brazil.

Conductor: Barney Blough

Barney Blough holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance from Central Washington University, a Teaching Certificate from Seattle Pacific University, and a Professional Certificate from Pacific Lutheran University. He has served as Music Director of the Seattle Chamber Orchestra, Assistant Conductor of the Rainier Symphony, and Assistant Conductor of the Lake Union Civic Orchestra. Learn more.

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Messages from the Conductor

Sinfonia Spring Highlight Concert Details

  • Date: Monday, May 14
  • Location: Bellevue High School PAC
  • Woodwind quintet warm-up time: 5:25 – 5:30
  • String Quartet warm-up time: 5:35 – 5:40
  • Sinfonia call time: 5:30
  • Sinfonia warm-up time: 5:45 – 6:15
  • Concert begins: 7:00

Program Notes for Sinfonia Spring Highlight Concert

In recent years, Scott Lavender has become an increasingly popular conductor in the world of symphonic pops, often performing his own unique arrangements with artists such as Glenn Yarbrough, Toni Tennille, and Johnny Mathis. His pops programs include Scott Goes to the Movies, Around America in 80 Minutes, Top of the Tube, and Scott’s Holiday Celebrations. Spring Fanfare and Overture is a delightful, upbeat, contemporary piece that reflects the season of spring. The parts are melodically and rhythmically interesting, and the harmonies are rich, with many colorful modulations through related keys. The orchestration gives the piece a studio orchestra feel with the full sonority of a symphonic orchestra.

Born in 1935 in Portland, Oregon, John David Lamb is a composer with roots in the Pacific Northwest. He attended school in Yakima, Washington, where he played various instruments from junior high through graduate school. He studied composition under Volfgangs Dārzinš in Seattle, and received his M.A. from University of Washington in 1958. Most notably, Mr. Lamb was the recipient of the composition award from the Ford Foundation Contemporary Music Project in 1965. Nightscapes presents two contrasting movements that are tone pictures representing different aspects of night. The first movement is a Serenade that reflects the serene, meditative quality of a warm summer evening. The mood is created by expressive, lyrical passages in the violins and cellos, accompanied by rich, full chords. The second movement is a sinister and violent Cortège that opens with a grotesque brass chorale. The procession is abruptly introduced by a persistent rhythm in the timpani, while the winds play blaring fragments of rustic tunes accompanied by restless, overlapping ostinati in the strings.

World of Warcraft features music from an online video game played by over 10 million people around the world. Readily identified by players of the game, these distinctive works are admirable compositions in their own right. This arrangement features three selections: “Wrath of the Lich King” (2010), by Russell Brower and Jason Hayes; “Lament of the Highborne” (2007), by Russell Brower and Derek Duke; and “Lion’s Pride”, from the original 2004 game soundtrack, by Jason Hayes. As you listen, your mind may create images conveying many different emotions—even if you’ve never seen the game.

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