Musician Required Attire

BYSO concerts are formal events that require appropriate attire. Attire guidelines are divided by ensemble and divided into two options. Musicians may choose whether to follow the option #1 or option #2 attire guidelines on a per-concert basis.

Resources for obtaining concert clothing:

Cadet, Debut, Premiere, Sinfonia, and Flute Choir

Students with white blouses playing in concert.

Religious head coverings:  plain black

Concert Attire:

  • Black mask
  • White shirt
  • Black pants/skirt
  • Black shoes


Philharmonia, Youth Symphony, Flute Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble

Students with black blouses playing in concert.Religious head coverings:  plain black

Concert Attire

  • Black mask
  • Black shirt
  • Black pants/skirt
  • Black shoes
  • Black tie optional
  • Black suit jacket optional

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