When and How to Audition

Before You Audition

Whether you’ve been a member of BYSO for years, or are new, please review the Join BYSO page. It contains critical information about our auditioning and placement policies.

When Auditions Are Held

August/September: Full Season

Auditions for our full regular season take place in August or September. All new and returning students must audition for placement in the new season, with the exception of students who have previously auditioned into and participated in Youth Symphony or Percussion Ensemble.

December and February/March: Mid Season

BYSO holds additional entry auditions twice during the ongoing season on an instrument-need basis. These mid-season entry auditions happen in December and late February or early March. BYSO’s mid-season auditions are open to all instruments and to those who have not already auditioned in the Fall.

How to Audition

  • Prepare for your audition by reviewing the standards of musicianship expected at each ensemble level and practicing.
  • Record your audition as described in the instructions.
  • Register and Pay by completing our online registration/submission form during the submission window. The registration form for Fall 2021 auditions will be available in August 2021.

Placement criteria

Your audition will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Intonation
  • Tone Quality
  • Rhythmic Accuracy
  • Musicality
  • Style
  • Overall performance and preparation
  • Instrumentation capacity for each ensemble

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