Audition FAQs

Where can I find the registration?

When registering, make sure to have your audition video link and payment ready. It’s a one-step process this year: the Registration form allows you to register, submit your link and pay the audition fee.

What if I don’t want to participate in the fall?

Audition now and select the “Hold My Place” option on the registration form to ensure a place for later in the season.

Is there an audition fee?

Yes, it is $36 and payable when you register and submit your video.

How do I record the sight reading?

Sight reading will be generated using Please familiarize yourself with the website before you start recording. You will need a second device, one for recording, another for the Sightreading Factory website. Scroll down on the Audition Instructions for all the steps for recording sightreading.

Which sight-reading level should I choose?

Choose your sight-reading level based on which group you would like to audition for and your instrument. There is a table in the recording instructions. If you are not sure what group you are aiming for, review the Audition Levels for your instrument and select the one most at your playing level.

My audition is more than 5 minutes, what should I do?

Do your best to make it as close as possible to 5 minutes, we understand that including all the excerpts and a contrasting solo can bring the audition over 5 minutes. If you are over 5 minutes, go ahead and submit it anyway.

I am unable to create a YouTube link, what should I do?

If you are able to create a video, make a Dropbox link or otherwise share the video, please contact us at

I am out of the country and cannot access YouTube. How can I submit a video?

You can upload your video onto any platform that will allow the judges one-click access. No passwords or logins must be required.

Can everybody see my audition?

YouTube videos will not be public. Only people with the link – the judges – will be able to access the video. See the Audition Instructions.

The audition demonstration video isn’t exactly what I played, should they be exactly the same?

Coach Caroline recorded a sample audition video for Sinfonia, so she played the Sinfonia excerpt/etude and Sinfonia sightreading level. Your video will likely include a different excerpt/etude and sight-reading level, or may not include an etude at all if you are auditioning for Cadet, Debut, or Premiere.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that is clean and respectful — business casual would be the term. You don’t need to dress up as if you are soloing at a concert, although dressing up is fine too!

When will we know the results of the auditions and when do rehearsals start?

Audition results will be communicated approximately September 8; rehearsals start October 5. Flute Orchestra will begin one week earlier.

What if I am nervous for the audition and make mistakes?

Don’t worry! The judges will be able to determine your ability level even if you make a few mistakes. They are experienced teachers and conductors, and they’re also musicians who know what it’s like to feel nervous at auditions.

What are my chances of getting accepted?

Traditionally, most students who audition in the fall are offered a place in one of the six BYSO orchestras or three instrumental ensembles. For Fall 2020, placements will be the first step in organizing smaller groups.

What if I don’t get placed in the ensemble I wanted?

Ensemble playing is about much more than how hard the music is, so your placement is based on many factors. No matter which ensemble you are in, you will improve as a musician much faster in BYSO!

Can I be put in a less advanced group?

Returning students may be placed in their prior ensemble or a more advanced one.

What is the age minimum for BYSO?

BYSO typically accepts qualified 6-year-olds; it should be taken into consideration that this fall BYSO is completely online, which can factor into the interest level of young students. Ask your private teacher if online music classes would be a good choice for your young student.

What kinds of classes are going to be offered online?

Class descriptions are available on our website here.

How long are online rehearsals?

Rehearsal lengths for Fall 2020 chamber ensembles will be approximately:

Small Ensembles, 8-9 musicians

  • Cadet – 45 minutes
  • Debut – 60 minutes
  • Premiere – 60 minutes
  • Sinfonia – 60 minutes
  • Philharmonia – 75 minutes
  • Youth – 75 minutes

Full orchestra with strings and winds – 60 minutes

Premiere/Sinfonia Wind Ensemble – 60 minutes

Philharmonia/Youth Wind Ensemble – 75 minutes

Flute Choir – 60 minutes

Flute Orchestra – 75 minutes

Percussion Ensemble – 75 minutes

How many classes are there?

8 classes, starting October 5 on Mondays.

How do we get music?

Music will be emailed to you as a PDF, you are expected to print music or have it available for viewing.

How much is the tuition for the second half of the year, starting in January 2021?

Since we do not yet know what programs we will be able to offer in January 2021, we do not know what tuition will be.

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