Financial Aid

BYSO welcomes students from all financial circumstances an offers financial aid to any family that is in need of assistance.

We are committed to ensuring that all families, regardless of income can participate in BYSO ensembles. All families should explore BYSO’s generous financial aid program. We have set aside a significant financial assistance allowance to support any family experiencing higher-than-usual pressures or burdens this Fall.

BYSO Financial Aid levels are:

  • 30% of tuition
  • 50% of tuition
  • 70% of tuition.

Applying is simple and will take less than 10 minutes.

Apply for Financial Aid


Note: In rare cases BYSO may provide financial aid equal to 100% of tuition. Families receiving financial aid from BYSO will be responsible for the remainder of their students’ tuition and all other fees. Families with unpaid balances at the end of the season will not be invited to participate in BYSO the following year.

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