Flute Orchestra

Flute Orchestra is an advanced ensemble for flutes. Flute Orchestra consists of BYSO flutists who were placed at the Philharmonia level after auditioning. Because orchestras need only a few flutes at a time, these students take turns playing in Philharmonia during the year while also practicing and performing in the Flute Orchestra ensemble. The typical Flute Orchestra student has had several years of private instruction and substantial ensemble experience and is highly skilled on his or her instrument.

Flute Orchestra students prepare challenging music encompassing the entire flute family: piccolo, traditional C flute, alto, and bass. Flute Orchestra is a dynamic group where students can develop ensemble and specific flute-related skills in an enjoyable and rewarding setting. Past works performed include Camuglia’s La Danse de la Nuit, De Bosismortier’s Concerto in A for Five Flutes, and Bozza’s Jour d’été à la Montagne.

Sample of Flute Orchestra:

Conductor: Sandra Saathoff

Sandra Saathoff is a freelance flutist, clinician, and principal flute of the Seattle Philharmonic. She helped launch a nonprofit organization, Silver Flight Ensembles and Foundation, dedicated to helping student flutists, and currently conducts the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra's flute ensemble. A published author and music arranger, she has also performed and taught throughout the United States and Europe. Sandra has served as Assistant Program Chair, Secretary, Convention Manager, and on the Long-Range Strategic Planning Committee for the National Flute Association; as well as President, VP, and Newsletter Editor for the Seattle Flute Society. Learn more.

Contact Sandra Saathoff at flutes@byso.org

Messages from the Conductor

    Hey there fantastic flutists!  I’ll continue to update this page with links to help with learning excerpts – and/or inspiration of great performances!
    1. WOW!  You will be so impressed with our recording project! Check it out on the BYSO website, or


    I’ve had some great BINGO responses, and enjoyed seeing a few of you during BYSO Flute “Office Hours”  🙂   Keep up the great work!  We have gift certificates / music / and BYSO merchandise as prizes – send me your answers!  I can’t wait to give away some prizes for your hard work!  Please submit videos / weblinks to the Flipgrid page.
    Daniel has created 2 great BINGO submissions!  Check them out!
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    • Don’t forget about your excerpts!
  1. https://www.woodwindexcerpts.com/     https://www.8notes.com/compilations/flute_orchestral_excerpts/
    Flute BINGO and the “Excerpt/Scale-a-thon” offer you a chance to win prizes for your practicing and an opportunity to give back to the community in this time of need.
    1. For flute resources, links to online performances and free sheet music, check out:


  1. In need of music or supplies, check out these other flute stores (in addition to the above link):
  2. https://www.flutistry.com/
  3. https://www.fluteworld.com/
  4. https://www.flutes4sale.com/
    And for even more fun – check out:
    1. Alexa Still (Oberlin) performs and teaches orchestral excerpts:


    1. And here’s the Houston Symphony’s flute section playing “Daphnis et Chloe” (one of those “favorite” excerpts!):


https://youtu.be/-6ephuNKIf0  learn from Emmanuel Pahud (Daphnis et Chloe) (this one is free; there is a subscription fee for the other classes)

https://www.principalchairs.com/flute/bizet-carmen-entracte/ learn from Principal Flutists from all around the world!

https://www.youtube.com/user/melissagaj/videos  Flute Excerpts and backing tracks

    Wishing you well!  and Happy Fluting!

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