Flute Orchestra

Spring 2021 Program

Flute Orchestra rehearsals are held on Monday evenings via Zoom. Musicians are expected to be prepared and logged in to rehearsal 15 minutes prior to start time. Cameras must be kept ON for the entire duration of the rehearsal session.

Director: Sandy Saathoff

Rehearsal Time: 7:30-8:45 PM


Flute Orchestra is an advanced ensemble for flutes. Flute Orchestra consists of BYSO flutists who were placed at the Philharmonia level after auditioning. Because orchestras need only a few flutes at a time, these students take turns playing in Philharmonia during the year while also practicing and performing in the Flute Orchestra ensemble. The typical Flute Orchestra student has had several years of private instruction and substantial ensemble experience and is highly skilled on his or her instrument.

Flute Orchestra students prepare challenging music encompassing the entire flute family: piccolo, traditional C flute, alto, and bass. Flute Orchestra is a dynamic group where students can develop ensemble and specific flute-related skills in an enjoyable and rewarding setting. Past works performed include Camuglia’s La Danse de la Nuit, De Bosismortier’s Concerto in A for Five Flutes, and Bozza’s Jour d’été à la Montagne.

Conductor: Sandra Saathoff

Sandra Saathoff is a freelance flutist, clinician, and principal flute of the Seattle Philharmonic. She helped launch a nonprofit organization, Silver Flight Ensembles and Foundation, dedicated to helping student flutists, and currently conducts the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra's flute ensemble. A published author and music arranger, she has also performed and taught throughout the United States and Europe. Sandra has served as Assistant Program Chair, Secretary, Convention Manager, and on the Long-Range Strategic Planning Committee for the National Flute Association; as well as President, VP, and Newsletter Editor for the Seattle Flute Society. Learn more.

Contact Sandra Saathoff at flutes@byso.org

Messages from the Conductor

Hello Flutists!

Many thanks to all of our fantastic Flute Orchestra flutists!  You all have been such troopers and I hope you have had fun with our “Pop-Cycle” this spring!

See the source image

Check our Dropbox folder to watch the final videos of our tunes!  Wowza – such talent! 🙂  (and there’s a surprise with one of our tunes – let me know what you think!)

Thanks for all your hard work and great effort!  I think we’ve made great progress playing with drum tracks, playing with accurate – syncopated rhythms, playing with dynamics, and offering  poised and confident recordings.  Hopefully, you also gained some skills to help you with sight-reading, and learned a bit about French flute playing from Ransom Wilson.

It’s been a great term!


Take care and have a fabulous summer!



JOIN THE GLOBAL EFFORT to record a piece and honor a composer!  Some of us learned this tune last term (Rose Cottage from Gaelic Offering by Catherine McMichael)  – so make up Upbeat recording and join in the fun!  Did you know that 2021 is the 25th anniversary of the publication of Catherine McMichael’s wonderful flute quartet, A Gaelic Offering? To celebrate, ALRY Publications is putting together a video tribute to present to Catherine on June 12th as part of the Southeast Michigan Flute Association Flute Ensemble Festival. – it’s supposed to be a secret and a surprise to her! 🙂

Recordings will be made via the Upbeat App, and you can find everything you need to make a video here: https://play.upbeatmusicapp.com/perform/record…
Choose a part (https://drive.google.com/…/1-6yTF…), Flute 1-4 (C Flute Only), and if you like you can practice with the click track provided. There are two measures of click before the music starts with the pickup in Flute 4 starting on the 8th click. It’ll make sense when you hear it, I promise!
Please get your video in for us by June 7th so we can do any final touch-ups. And thank you all!


St Patrick’s Day 2021 — Wm. S. Haynes Co. Watch this video – and play this beautiful piece!  (maybe you want to do this for your independent project 🙂 )  Print out the music and play along with the materials they have.  Lovely!


Wishing you happy and healthy!

Happy Fluting!


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