Flute Orchestra

In-Person Rehearsals:
in-person rehearsals follow WA State DOH guidelines for schools including:  3 feet of distancing, no shared music stands, mask wearing and wind instrumentalists using bell covers.  We are watching evolving School District and State COVID guidelines and will make changes accordingly. Click here for complete BYSO COVID Policy and Procedures.

Rehearsals/ Performance Winter Quarter Rehearsal Time
Mondays Jan 10 – Mar 21, 2022 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Winter Retreat at Lake WA Hight School: Jan 29, 2022 1:30 – 3:30 PM
Winter Concert at Meydenbauer Theatre: March 20, 2022 4:30 PM
Rehearsal Location                                       . Drop off/ Pick UP
Bellevue Children’s Academy BCA has limited parking, please plan on
14640 NE 24th Street prompt drop-off and pick-up following the
Bellevue, WA 98007 directions on this map to avoid congestion.
Retreat Location                                     .      Drop off/ Pick UP
Lake Washington High School LWHS parking lot and street parking are
12033 NE 80th Street available. Please plan on prompt drop-off
Kirkland, WA 98033 and pick-up to avoid congestion.


Flute Orchestra is an advanced ensemble for flutes. Flute Orchestra consists of BYSO flutists who were placed at the Philharmonia level after auditioning. Because orchestras need only a few flutes at a time, these students take turns playing in Philharmonia during the year while also practicing and performing in the Flute Orchestra ensemble. The typical Flute Orchestra student has had several years of private instruction and substantial ensemble experience and is highly skilled on his or her instrument.

Flute Orchestra students prepare challenging music encompassing the entire flute family: piccolo, traditional C flute, alto, and bass. Flute Orchestra is a dynamic group where students can develop ensemble and specific flute-related skills in an enjoyable and rewarding setting. Past works performed include Camuglia’s La Danse de la Nuit, De Bosismortier’s Concerto in A for Five Flutes, and Bozza’s Jour d’été à la Montagne.

Conductor: Sandra Saathoff

Sandra Saathoff is a freelance flutist, clinician, and principal flute of the Seattle Philharmonic. She helped launch a nonprofit organization, Silver Flight Ensembles and Foundation, dedicated to helping student flutists, and currently conducts the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra's flute ensemble. A published author and music arranger, she has also performed and taught throughout the United States and Europe. Sandra has served as Assistant Program Chair, Secretary, Convention Manager, and on the Long-Range Strategic Planning Committee for the National Flute Association; as well as President, VP, and Newsletter Editor for the Seattle Flute Society. Learn more.

Contact Sandra Saathoff at flutes@byso.org

Messages from the Conductor

Happy New Year!

Thanks for the virtual meet and greet last night.  I hope you enjoyed hearing our pieces for 2022! It was great to see everyone 🙂

If you need the warm-up book, please bring $13.75, payable to me the next time I see you in person (which is hopefully soon) 🙂

Our retreat will be Jan. 29th from 1 – 3:30 pm.

The individual parts for the Woodwind Trio will be in the downloadable music folder soon.  I just received them from the composer.   By having less parts to fit together like a puzzle, it will be easier to focus on intonation – which is a huge difference maker in the quality of a musician and ensemble.

I emailed the revised part assignments last night.  If you didn’t receive it – please check your junk mail folder, and/or send me your preferred email address.  The list was too big to be included on this site for some reason.

Please develop the habit of checking this site midweek (Wednesday-ish) so you have some practicing reminders, as well on Sundays for any last-minute rehearsal info.  THANKS!

Lastly, please remember to complete the online absence form – anytime you’ll miss all or part of a rehearsal (Covid exposure / ill / family member with Covid / etc.).

Thanks for your consideration and I wish you all a healthy and happy 2022!


  • Part Assignments for 2022:  were emailed to you late Monday night (along with a couple of practice suggestions.)
    • please organize all your music in a folder, and arrange it so there aren’t any page turns required.  (If a page turn is required when there is no rest available, copy an additional page, and tape a small section of it as a ‘fold-out’, so you can keep playing, and only turn a page when you have extended measures of rests.)
    • circle all key signatures, noting where the key signature changes occur
    • use a highlighter or colored pencil to draw your attention to dynamic changes
    • practice at least 2 parts to the woodwind trio, setting the metronome to the 8th note. Write in note/accidental/key signature reminders to help you keep track during the difficult keys and such.
    • review the Benaroya concert music, finding hard spots to woodshed and improve
    • listen and play along with the recordings, as desired
    • practice (at least) the 1st 2 keys from the warm-up book – trying to make the high notes sound warm, effortless, and in tune 🙂
    • get lots of rest, drink lots of water, do some flute P.E., and spend some time every day thinking about good and happy things 🙂

Discounted Tickets to
Seattle Philharmonic:  Use Promo Code: SPOFRIENDS for discounted tickets ($15).  Students 16 years old and under are free, but you must order a ticket for admission.  More info: Concerts & Tickets – Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra

SPO Concerts are on Saturdays at Benaroya, beginning at 2 pm on:                                     *Saturday, Feb. 5       *Saturday, April 9      and        *Saturday, June 18

I’d love to see you there!



“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music.

Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”         ― Steve Maraboli


(__( O )_____]]_o o_O_O_O O O_O_O_O_] d’ O_O_O_)

Sandra Saathoff

BYSO Flute Orchestra conductor


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