Flute Orchestra

Flute Orchestra is an advanced ensemble for flutes. Flute Orchestra consists of BYSO flutists who were placed at the Philharmonia level after auditioning. Because orchestras need only a few flutes at a time, these students take turns playing in Philharmonia during the year while also practicing and performing in the Flute Orchestra ensemble. The typical Flute Orchestra student has had several years of private instruction and substantial ensemble experience and is highly skilled on his or her instrument.

Flute Orchestra students prepare challenging music encompassing the entire flute family: piccolo, traditional C flute, alto, and bass. Flute Orchestra is a dynamic group where students can develop ensemble and specific flute-related skills in an enjoyable and rewarding setting. Past works performed include Camuglia’s La Danse de la Nuit, De Bosismortier’s Concerto in A for Five Flutes, and Bozza’s Jour d’été à la Montagne.

Sample of Flute Orchestra:

Conductor: Sandra Saathoff

Sandra Saathoff holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Washington, focusing on flute performance and instrumental conducting, and a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Pacific Lutheran University. Mrs. Saathoff is a professor of flute and conducts the flute ensemble at Seattle Pacific University. She also maintains a private flute studio and performs regularly with local orchestral, chamber, and folk ensembles. Learn more.

Contact Sandra Saathoff at flutes@byso.org

Messages from the Conductor

Dear Flute Orchestra – Welcome to our 2019-2020 Season!

Congratulations on your fabulous auditions!  I look forward to seeing and hearing you all on Monday!  Don’t forget to bring your music stand, pencil, and tuner!

You should have received a long email from me – with attachments.  If you haven’t, please email me (flutes@byso.org) and I will resend it.

We have many new and exciting things planned this year, which I think you will love!  Our first project – the BYSO Flute Winter Opera – designed/created by FO – begins on Monday 🙂


  • 6:20 – 6:30 pm                SET UP:  FO stand in the 3rd row; FC sit in  2nd row; and then have 4 chairs in the 1st row  for 2 altos and 2 basses (to be assigned).   Please warm up and tune individually and introduce yourself to others.
  • 6:30  – 6:45 pm                La Bamba run-through
  • 6:45 pm                           Take attendance and do introductions
  • 6:50 pm                           Review handout and procedures
  • 7:00 pm                           Silent Night run through
  • 7:05 pm                           Q & A
  • Then divide into our separate groups.  Flute Orchestra will:
    • Do some work on tone concepts and then sight-read some potential pieces to play on our November concert (7:10 pm)
    • Our break each week will be from  7:50 – 8:00 pm (bring your own water bottle and potato & nut free snack, if you want)
    • I will then introduce the opera idea & we will begin brainstorming ideas. (8:00 pm)
  • Don’t forget to return rooms to normal!

FYI: Our retreat is September 28th and our Caroling Tour is Saturday, December 7th

Autumn Rotation into Philharmonia (please remember Philharmonia has different rehearsal times than FO)

  1. Christine C (Autumn/2nd flute)
  2. Benjamin L (Autumn/2nd flute)
  3. Erik L (Autumn, 1st flute)
  4. Yuxin – Kiki W (Autumn, principal – 1st chair)
  5. Brian W (Autumn/2nd flute)

These are tentative part assignments; The Philharmonia Conductor / wind coaches (Na Young Ham, for flutes) / your own preparation-attitude-attendance 🙂 / and seating try-outs will determine final placements.

I am looking forward to a fantastic year!  Happy fluting!



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