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Flute Orchestra Messages

Hi all!

We have only One Rehearsal left for this term.  Congratulations on all your accomplishments and improvements!  WOO HOO  – you’ve been a great group!  Thank you for all your efforts!

Family and Friends are welcome to attend the 2nd half of our rehearsal next week (March 8th at 8:20 pm) to hear an informal snap shot of what we have been doing.

I will share recordings of Mixing the Malt, By Kells Waters,  the 3 whistle tunes, and Doubtful Wife from Gaelic Offering (by Platinum Posse).    (A Celtic Celebration and Rose Cottage (from Gaelic Offering/Platinum Posse) will be debuted at a later date – probably during the Garden Party fundraiser.)

*** We made a technology breakthrough after rehearsal last week … if you are using a pair of headphones that has a microphone, you have to tell Upbeat to use your computer (or USB) microphone instead.   After you enter your name and the part you are playing – there’s a place on the next screen to choose which microphone to use.  (Do not choose your headphone microphone 🙂 )

*** ALSO – when practicing / recording – focus on matching with the METRONOME CLICK (not necessarily what you hear being played).

*** Really analyze your rhythmic subdivisions this week!  Are you rushing or slowing down your 16th notes?  (You can set your metronome to twice as fast as marked and make sure every-other-note lands on a click.)

You can listen to our last set of practice recordings – they are available in our Dropbox folder.

By Kells Waters

Through the sweet county Antrim where I rambled down

To the charming fair city called sweet Allan’s town,

Where the water runs clearly and ev’rything’s nice

You would take it for Eden or some Paradise.


It’s time to start making our FINAL RECORDINGS that we will share with the everyone!

There are 2 due dates for our ‘final’ recordings … (and if you are late, I can’t guarantee you will be included in the final videos, sorry!)    Recording due dates:

  • March 6th (no later than) 3 pm:  Mixing the Malt (optional/pick your tempo); all 3 whistle tunes (everyone); Gaelic Offering – Doubtful Wife (Platinum Posse), and By Kells Waters (everyone)
  • March 13th (no later than) 3 pm:  A Celtic Celebration (everyone) and Mixing the Malt (medium tempo/optional), and Gaelic Offering – Rose Cottage (Platinum Posse)

Wear your BYSO concert attire; and if Upbeat doesn’t create good sounding audio for you, we now have the option of you submitting an audio recording (which I can replace with the Upbeat audio – you still have to play with the backing track in headphones, however! – email Sandy for more details)  You can wear some green or orange in your whistle videos, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day 🙂


  2. Performance Skills:  centered in screen – can see arms; face; fingers; flute;  freeze at the end with a smile, before turning off recording.

Concentrate on staying with the metronome click as you play

FINAL RECORDING LINKS:                      

  • Here are the links to make the FINAL RECORDINGS  – Good luck and HAVE FUN!
  • If your fingers get tangled, drop out for a beat / measure …. since we’re playing parts in unison with others, no one will know!  (But we WILL notice if you keep playing, and the notes don’t line up 🙂 )
  • Due March 6th by 3 pm:
  1. Mixing the Malt (optional) SLOW: 
  2. Mixing the Malt (optional) MEDIUM:
  3. Mixing the Malt (optional) FAST:
  4. Gaelic Offering – Doubtful Wife (Platinum Posse only):
  5. Morrison’s Jig (add a long E to the end of the tune) –
  6. Silver Spear (Reel) (add a long F# to the end of the tune) –
  7. Boys of Bluehill (Hornpipe) –

8. By Kells Waters:


These FINAL RECORDINGS are due by March 13th (and will have a larger broadcast on BYSO’s social media)

  1. A Celtic Celebration
  2. Mixing the Malt (medium tempo only/optional)
  3. Gaelic Offering – Rose Cottage (Platinum Posse)


March 8th Rehearsal 

7:30 pm Practice A Celtic Celebration

7:50 pm Practice Mixing the Malt (medium tempo)

8:20 pm Invite Family and Friends into the rehearsal to hear an informal ‘show and tell’ of what we’ve been up to!



BASIC and DETAILED Upbeat recording instructions follow:

Basic instructions – it’s really easy!

  • Listen to the .mp3 backing track as you practice and record – try to match pitch and blend.  Use good ensemble skills (long notes are probably not your loudest!) – play with musicality and expression (follow all the marks on the page!)
  • When you are comfortable playing with this recording, it’s time to make your video recording.
  • Click on the “Upbeat Music App” link above (a separate link for each tune).
  • Wear (wired) earphones, enter some basic info, and choose the appropriate microphone,  and follow the online directions.  (you’ll be playing along with the same backing track that you practiced with, as you record. – but provided by Upbeat this time)
  • Be sure to EXACTLY calibrate your recording to the backing track when you are done (just ‘slide’ the image of your recording so it aligns with the backing track.
  • If you aren’t happy with your recording, you are able to record again.  Just send me an email ( and let me know which recorded version to use
  • If you can’t get a good sounding recording using Upbeat – please let Sandy know, and she’ll send alternative instructions.

Step by Step directions are available here: Upbeat Perform Instructions – Google Slides

Wishing you happy and healthy!

Happy Fluting!


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