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Flute Orchestra Messages

Hello Flutists!

Many thanks to all of our fantastic Flute Orchestra flutists!  You all have been such troopers and I hope you have had fun with our “Pop-Cycle” this spring!

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Check our Dropbox folder to watch the final videos of our tunes!  Wowza – such talent! 🙂  (and there’s a surprise with one of our tunes – let me know what you think!)

Thanks for all your hard work and great effort!  I think we’ve made great progress playing with drum tracks, playing with accurate – syncopated rhythms, playing with dynamics, and offering  poised and confident recordings.  Hopefully, you also gained some skills to help you with sight-reading, and learned a bit about French flute playing from Ransom Wilson.

It’s been a great term!


Take care and have a fabulous summer!



JOIN THE GLOBAL EFFORT to record a piece and honor a composer!  Some of us learned this tune last term (Rose Cottage from Gaelic Offering by Catherine McMichael)  – so make up Upbeat recording and join in the fun!  Did you know that 2021 is the 25th anniversary of the publication of Catherine McMichael’s wonderful flute quartet, A Gaelic Offering? To celebrate, ALRY Publications is putting together a video tribute to present to Catherine on June 12th as part of the Southeast Michigan Flute Association Flute Ensemble Festival. – it’s supposed to be a secret and a surprise to her! 🙂

Recordings will be made via the Upbeat App, and you can find everything you need to make a video here:…
Choose a part (…/1-6yTF…), Flute 1-4 (C Flute Only), and if you like you can practice with the click track provided. There are two measures of click before the music starts with the pickup in Flute 4 starting on the 8th click. It’ll make sense when you hear it, I promise!
Please get your video in for us by June 7th so we can do any final touch-ups. And thank you all!


St Patrick’s Day 2021 — Wm. S. Haynes Co. Watch this video – and play this beautiful piece!  (maybe you want to do this for your independent project 🙂 )  Print out the music and play along with the materials they have.  Lovely!


Wishing you happy and healthy!

Happy Fluting!


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