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Flute Orchestra Messages

Please check this page each WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY!

Dear Flutists –

Thanks for a great first rehearsal!  That was some fantastic sight-reading!  Bravo!

Here’s the rehearsal plan for Monday, October 2nd:

6:15 pm    Arrive, warm-up, individually tune, make new friends

6:30 pm    Group warm-up; Tuning 101 (you must have a pencil)

6:45 pm    Review: Super Mario / Won’t You Be My Neighbor / Cartoon Symphony / Singin in the Rain

7:05 pm    Show and Tell – introduce yourselves, along with a favorite item you bring from home. What’s something unique about you? What should we know about you?  And what’s something special about the item you chose to bring?

7:20 pm    Sight-read: 12 Days of Christmas

7:25 pm    BREAK (please return on time without me having to fetch you 🙂 )

7:35 pm    Umoja (Fall Concert)

8:05 pm    Chacojqui (Caroling Tour – Flute Orchestra only)

8:25 pm    Sight-read: Let it Snow

Be sure to check the updated part assignments which will be posted by the end of the week.


Seating Chart – Like a Rainbow (Left is from Sandy’s point of view)

Row 2: (Left) Kayla, Coco, Samiya, Brian, Katie, Yuko, Ada, Gwen, Eunice, Juanito, York, Hannes (Right)

Row 1: (Left) Stella, Chloe, Hannah, Rowan, Juan, Ella, Matthew, Chanler, Carrie (Right)

Below are a bunch of reminders and recommendations:

This is an example of a chromatic tuner with contact microphone  – I highly suggest everyone have their own.


  • If you play in a marching band – I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE (would like to require) that you play piccolo!  It is so much better for your flute playing if you don’t play your flute outside (which encourages blasting your tone, and ruining your embouchure).  If you do play flute in marching band, or ever play your flute outside (BYSO caroling tour, for example) – get a Win D Fender it makes a huge difference and allows you to create your best tone:


  • If you play in marching band or pep band, and/or play piccolo – you MUST have ear plugs!  Your 40+ year old self will greatly appreciate your efforts now 😊

Something like: Earasers Musicians Plugs Small | Guitar Center

Or visit an audiologist, and have custom-made musician’s earplugs made.  (musician’s earplugs allow you to hear things better than a normal earplug)



For flutes/piccolos, supplies, and music, consider these specialty flute stores (all very reputable!)

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