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Flute Orchestra Messages

* * WOW – Only 2 Rehearsals Left * *

          please read carefully

You must have learned All notes and rhythms – with dynamic CHANGES and accurate articulations – for ALL pieces by our next rehearsal

THANK YOU for a Great rehearsal last night – your hard work is becoming more and more apparent! 🙂


*Double-check the student handbook/new concert attire requirements.  Make sure you have everything you need now! Yes, your arms must be covered (and it looks better if you wear black socks/tights).  We’ll be doing a lot of walking, up and down stairs – high heels are extremely discouraged 🙂

*Parents – we’re in desperate need for more parent volunteers for the Benaroya concert.  Please contact BYSO if you are able to help

*Students with 2 or more absences will need to play for Dr. Merrie and I on May 9th or 16th to ensure their participation in the Benaroya concert

*Warm up and TUNE carefully on your own when you arrive

*May 9th – Flutes in Youth/Phil/FO/FC rehearse together from 8 – 8:30 pm

*May 16th – plan to stay until 8:45 pm, please, if at all possible.

For Monday’s rehearsal – May 2nd

6:30 – 6:50 After warming up and tuning on your own – we’ll practice tuning procedure to be used on stage: then do a straight run through of each of our pieces, in order: Tico Tico / Mamma Mia / Pirates Escapade.   Use LOBBY seating chart.

6:50 – 7:15 and 7:15-7:40 – work in A/B/C/D teams (what we did last night) Start with Mvt 2 of Pirates, then Mvt. 3 (7:15 pm)

6:50 – 7:15 pm: Altos and Basses will work with Dr. Merrie

7:40 – 7:50 – break;  return to ON STAGE seating chart

7:50 – 8:15 – you work on Pirates 3rd mvt; and end with a run through of the piece (and we time it) at 8:05 pm.

8:15 – 8:30  – Tico Tico (Seating: arrange by like part assignments); Basses/Altos – possibly go with Dr. Merrie to work on Tico Tico.  MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY AT A MINIMUM TEMPO of quarter note = 88.  Goal is quarter note = 100.


Pirates’ Escapade … Christina Wetzler (b. 1982)

  1. Out of the Mist
  2. Over Crest and Glittering Sea
  3. Plunder and Mutiny

Pirates’ Escapade is a naïve and playful take on the pirate theme. Imagine the ocean mist just visible as the sun rises over the sea, waves gently rolling. Out of the fog appears a glimpse of a ship, black flag flying in the breeze. These visions are contained within the first movement, entitled Out of the Mist. The main musical features are ostinato in the bass flute, chromatic dissonance, and a long, slow melodic line that emerges first in the alto part. It features the extended technique of aeolian sounds which simulate wind and waves. During Over Crest and Glittering Sea, pirates sail their ship over unending, capricious waves. They are cheerful in anticipation of promised treasure. Sneakiness, anxiety, and triumph are present as the pirates maneuver past danger, gain sight of treasure, and bring it aboard. The uneven 5/8 meter shifts between 3+2 and 2+3 patterns and changes meter often. The last chord is a direct lead-in to the melody in the final movement, Plunder and Mutiny. Compass and map in hand, the captain sets the course home. The crew is alive with excitement! The movement begins as a 6/8 dance in Dorian mode, playful and riddled with grace notes. Challenging rhythms and articulation patterns abound, layered with solos, and one buccaneer’s sweet song. Others join in with stomps and hand-slaps. Soon arguments ensue, and the greedy plot against one another for more share of the treasure. Each flute becomes a voice in the polytonal argument. Arguments turn to mutiny as the captain unfairly divides the riches. In the end something or someone is thrown overboard, and the ship recedes into the sunset, returning to the theme from the first movement.

Christina Wetzler is a graduate of Belmont University, and lives in Nashville, where she works as a teacher and free-lance performer. Program Notes by Christina Wetzler




It would be great if all of you had a Korg Clip-On Contact Microphones and a chromatic tuner (that you would plug the microphone into).  We will be using these throughout the rehearsal process, and I only have a few to loan out.  Please email me if you would like to get one, but need more information.  All music stores and Amazon have them readily available.

Please practice with a tuner and metronome – regularly.  Insist on excellent rhythmic sub-divisions.

Take your music to your private teachers and have them help you 🙂

Please be particular – be precise!  Are you tonguing every note that you should?  Are you playing in tune?  Does every note sound good?  Are you playing the correct dynamic?

Spend more time practicing the hard measures.  Slow them down … listen to every little thing.  Are your fingers coordinated?  Are the rhythms and finger motion even?  Can each note be heard (in tune / with a good sound)?  Only go faster when all elements are successfully in place slowly.

You might be playing individually 🙂 – welcome that opportunity for additional help!   We’ll also be learning some different practice techniques that you can try at home.

RHYTHM!  It is so important!  Practice the 5/8 to 6/8 to 3/4 meter shifts by keeping the 8th note constant … you have to use a metronome in order to keep the 8th note steady.

Spring Part Assignments – a bit revised

Please download your music and start practicing!

Benaroya Lobby Piccolo Flute 1 Flute 2 Flute 3 Flute 4 Alto Bass Category FL Ensemble version Original Recording Piece/Repertoire
Tico Tico Elsie, Aubrey Sienna, Claire; Gwen, Ari, Katie, Dila, Brian Charis, Karina; Chloe, Anusha, Vivian, Ada, Grace; Rio, Kaylee, Manha, Samiya Manami, Charis, Ethan, Benoit, Kaylyn (on C Flute) + Sandy Latinx  Choro – Wikipedia Tico Tico
Mamma Mia Aubrey, Elsie Charis, Claire; Chloe, Vivian, Manha,  Samiya, Sienna, Grace;  Gwen, Anusha, Ada, Dila; Part 3 Revised: Karina; Kaylee, Katie, Brian,  Kaylyn, Rio Ari, Manami Benoit. Ethan + Sandy Pop/ ABBA Mamma Mia
Benaroya Concert Recording Flute 1 Flute 2 / Picc Flute 3 Flute 4 Alto Bass Category
Pirates Escapade Ada, Anusha, Gwen, Katie, Brian Manha, Aubrey, Dila, Benoit, FC Samiya,  Vivian, Kaylyn, FC FC Ari and FC Ethan and FC Women

Discounted Tickets to Seattle Philharmonic:  Use Promo Code: SPOFRIENDS for discounted tickets ($15).  Students 16 years old and under are free, but you must order a ticket for admission.  More info: Concerts & Tickets – Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra

SPO Concerts are on Saturdays at Benaroya, beginning at 2 pm on:                                                 *Saturday, June 18

I’d love to see you there!


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Happy Fluting!

Sandra Saathoff

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