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Flute Orchestra Messages

  • 2 REHEARSALS remain!

Hi flutists –

Thanks for another great rehearsal on Monday!  You all are awesome and fantastic to work with!

Our goal continues to be performance-ready by February 26th – now March 4th – everything learned, up to tempo, and all components – including musicality – are in place. All of the notes should be in tune, as well as at the designated volume.


In order to give music meaning and communicate effectively with the audience … you need to be able to know the following for every phrase:

  • Are the notes leading and building?  or are the relaxing and releasing tension?
  • Every note should have meaning … what role is it playing?  Melodic? (main or counter melody); supporting? Rhythmic? Harmonic? other?

Please have all notes, rhythms, and articulations learned to up to tempo as possible for ALL of our pieces.  Play your pieces for your private teachers for additional suggestions for improvement.

March 4th (revised): (Set up for Sakura – our 1st piece).  Read until very end, please 🙂

  1. “Helping Hands” – everyone who hasn’t played will do so
  2. Choose soloists for Sakura, Sakura; and rehearse Sakura
  3. 7:25 pm Bring contact microphones – one last intonation check for Oblivion
  4. 7:35 pm Break
  5. 7:45 Meet Dr. Frieda! (our new flute coach) followed by a concert performance run-through
  6. 8:00 Rehearse/Polish sections which need extra work – be prepared to play individually; (some students will meet with Dr. Frieda from 8 – 8:15 pm)
  7. 8:30 distribute BINGO prizes (sorry – I forgot to do this earlier 🙂 )


it’s not about Technique vs Musicality … it’s … do you have all the technique you need to be able to express your musicality?


Our pieces need to be full of musical nuance.  Everyone must play with their best musicality in order for these pieces to be successful. Musicality can’t happen unless technique (notes/rhythms/intonation/articulations/etc.) are securely in place – at the highest level of accuracy and precision. 


  • All notes and rhythms accurately learned; Technical facility is excellent – with confident and fluent finger technique.
  • All notes in tune – excellent control of tone throughout the entire range of the instrument; Listening and adjusting is apparent. Everyone in the ensemble demonstrates mastery of a mature tone that is rich, warm, and vibrant on all notes.
  • All printed dynamics practiced in – and are compelling.
  • There are evident Contrasts in all the articulations – staccato sounds different than legato which sounds different than accents … exaggerate the differences
  • The ensemble is well-balanced and parts blended – no one is relying on someone else to carry the section.
  • The ensemble shares the same unifying pulse – displaying synchronicity
  • Phrasing is consistent throughout the ensemble; everyone breathes in appropriate spots. Entrances are together and precise rhythmically.
  • Very musical and sensitive performance. Appropriate style and tempo. Excellent use of dynamics (both printed and the performers’ own) to tell the musical story.
  • Ensemble is tight – and sounds like one giant flute.  All the parts fit together like a well-formed puzzle. Accomplished performers know that counting is vital for rhythmic precision, and to ensure that notes begin together and end together with those around them. We are not a group of 16 soloists with different interpretations – we are a cohesive and united ensemble.

Rehearsal Priorities

Dedicate yourselves to Ensembleship – each rehearsal deserves your highest level of musicianship, shared with your peers

Happy Fluting!

(__( O )_____]]_o o_O_O_O O O_O_O_O_]d’ O_O_O_)



Sakura Sakura Variations:  (and check out a few pages of the score, too!) On page 2 of the score, be able to tell Sandy at the beginning of rehearsal, or beginning of break, what ROLE each part is playing (melody/counter-melody/support/rhythm/harmony/etc.)

Stratmann – Sakura Sakura Variations for Flute Choir – FC455 | United Music and Media Publishers (


Two Versions of Libertango – notice the energy and intensity! <3




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