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Flute Orchestra Messages

Hello Flutists and Families!

Wow – composition #1 was fantastic!  Check it out:

To prepare for each rehearsal, you should:

  • Practice our assigned music (Carmen/Slumber/Fantasie) – all in the Dropbox Folder  (for now, pick one or 2 hard spots to practice each day.)  Part assignments have been emailed.
  • Do the assigned listening and take notes (as described in the recent email);  These are the pieces to listen to for the week of October 26th:
  1. – Amy Porter
  2. –  Denis Bouriakov
  3. Your choice
  • Please also email your answers to the following prompts:
  1. How do the 3 different performers interpret the piece?
  2. Compare and Contrast each flutist’s interpretation.  What do you like (or don’t like) – and WHY??
  3. What was the 3rd performance you chose to listen to?  (Include link to recording.)

Please Practice with the audio practice tracks in our Dropbox folder for Carmen (1st 2 mvts) and Slumber and be prepared to play along with them – as a solo leader during our Monday rehearsals.  (Remember to download and save the audio files – see last week’s email.)

If you’re going to be a soloist for the Hue Fantasie – please continue working with your private instructor on the music.

Otherwise, everyone should begin working on the Hue accompaniment parts.  They’ll be tricky to learn on your own – So Please COUNT carefully! 🙂  I’ll have a practice track ready to go later this week.

You’ve been sent links to “Upbeat Perform”  – so please record the 1st 2 movements of the Bizet and Slumber this weekend!  The sooner the better, so we can see how the technology works.  THANK YOU!  I can’t wait to hear you play all together!

Many thanks!  And best wishes for a wonderful Autumn!  Wishing you happy and healthy!

Happy Fluting!


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