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Flute Orchestra Messages

Greetings Flutists and Families!

Yea!  Each week gets better!!  Keep up the good work!

We are a creative and interactive ensemble – if I only hear my voice, we have a problem!  Bring YOUR VOICE – your ideas and your music – and come prepared to participate to your fullest!  EVERYONE will enjoy the experience more, I promise 🙂 

HA!  I dream of the day when I have to ask you to settle down and be quiet 🙂  This isn’t Zoom – I have been SO LOOKING forward to rehearsals with live human beings – so PLEASE bring your most energetic selves to each rehearsal.


And yes!!! – I do expect to hear flute playing in the room (from everyone!) before the rehearsal actually begins – practice / warm-up / tune / etc.  🙂    This is a responsible way for you to prepare yourself for a rehearsal.                                                                                                                       Thanks M.C. for providing such a great example last week for us to follow!

NEW PART ASSIGNMENTS – based on your votes – thanks! (and if you forget, please check your email for the part assignments that were sent last weekend)

Warm Up Book – UPDATE:  $13.75 (cash or check, payable to Sandra Saathoff, would be great – please place in an envelope with your student’s name, and bring to a rehearsal/retreat.  THANK YOU!)

Please print and practice your music for Monday.

PRACTICING GOALS for the week of Oct. 11 – 17

  • Listen to the pieces
  • Please Print the first page from our warm up materials, and we’ll work on this in rehearsal.
  • Practice “singing and playing” and “flutter tonguing” – pick a passage in each piece to work on developing these skills
  • Beach:  Learn notes and rhythms, dynamics, and articulations to the THEME and Variation 2.  Be able to play in tune – this is a hard key, and has many notes that need special attention.   Explore the other movements/variations, so we can come up with at least one more you want to concentrate on.
  • Rossini/Semiramide: Semiramide is an Opera written by Rossini – what is it about?   What is an overture?  what does tutti mean?  Make sure you’re practicing the harder 16th note sections, and you can play the “solo” sections confidently.  With a metronome.  Learn things slowly (with all the articulations/dynamics/good intonation in place) – then GRADUALLY go a bit faster.
  • Bernstein/Candide – Candide is an operetta with music composed by Leonard Bernstein, based on the 1759 novella of the same name by Voltaire.  Practice your articulations so they are very stylish and staccatos sound different from accents!  Work on sections at letter E and J (to the end).  Be sure to be thorough.  I KNOW  you know how to play the correct notes and rhythms – so we need to be concerned more with HOW you play every individual note.  Does it have the right ‘story’ behind it (style)?  Is it in tune and well-balanced?   Does it blend?


A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:  from Franz Liszt (1811-1886) a pianist and composer:

“The virtuoso is not a mason, chiseling his stone conscientiously according to the sketches of the architect.

He is not a passive tool for reproducing feelings and thoughts, without adding anything of his own.

He is not a more or less experienced “interpreter” of works which leave him no scope for his own comments …

For the virtuoso, musical works are in fact nothing but tragic and moving materializations of his emotions; he is called upon to make them speak, weep, sing and sigh, to create them in accordance with his own consciousness.  In this way he, like the composer, is a creator, for he must have within himself those passions that he wishes to bring so intensely to life.”


FREE FLUTE CLASS THIS WEEKEND – please consider watching – great info!

Body Mapping and Musical Expression with Amy Likar – she’s fantastic!!!

4 pm, Saturday Oct. 16th – Facebook Live or Zoom

She begins with a brief concert of two wonderful works for solo flute by Valerie Coleman and Reena Esmail. Then join her for a masterclass where she works with participants on exploring the connection of movement and music using Body Mapping and Alexander Technique.
This masterclass will be hybrid in format. The participants plus guests will be with her at Flute World and observers can watch virtually.
For more information on participating contact
Piece/Repertoire Category Recording link
1 Tico Tico Latinx 
2 Beach – Theme & Variations Women scroll down to see a list of movements – you can click on to listen to (it’s me, Dr. Merrie, and other BYSO flutists playing):
3 Semiramide AAPI 
4 Transverses AAPI Nishimura – Transverses (Flute Choir) – FC375 | United Music and Media Publishers (
5 Bernstein – Candide LGBTQ+ /women arr.
6 Pirates Escapade Women

*** We will continue to change places according to your part assignments for rehearsals. ***


When you practice, please use a metronome and a tuner.  As you first learn a piece, it’s great to set the metronome to the 8th note (so a 4/4 measure has 8 clicks).  This helps you to be very accurate and steady.  Super Important!

Spend more time practicing the trickier spots. 🙂



WIBC‘s honor band weekend is the same weekend as BYSO’s concert.  Typically they don’t allow students to leave/return in order to participate in a concert.  Please double-check, if you plan on auditioning.

The majority of our future communication will be via this BYSO website and the weekly BYSO e-newsletters that are emailed to families.  All students (and parents) should get into the habit of checking the conductors’ pages for weekly updates.  Please make sure we have all the emails to those in your household who should receive these communications.

DRESS WARMLY – bring layers, fingerless gloves, etc. – in case we go outside again 🙂

RETREAT:  Oct. 23rd from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at Lake WA HS


Happy Fluting!

(__( O )_____]]_o o_O_O_O O O_O_O_O_]d’ O_O_O_)

Sandra Saathoff

BYSO Flute Orchestra conductor

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