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Flute Orchestra Messages


Thank you for a fantastic concert!  Your efforts, energy, and enthusiasm made it one of the best Flute Orchestra performances ever!  WOO HOO!

*** Please reply to the email sent on Friday – and then check this page on Sunday for Rehearsal updates.  THANK YOU!  ***

HI – I haven’t gotten enough email replies to know how to assign parts or plan the rehearsal tomorrow … sorry!  Flexibility will have to be our key word on Monday 🙂

those of you who haven’t read / replied to your email – please do so ASAP!




Please watch:

Gareth McLearnon – Steel City – Rehearsal Video

Commissioned by Cassandra Eisenreich and Dan Parasky in 2022 for the Flute Community of Pittsburgh, PA – Steel City begins as a dark, brooding, relentless, trundling machine. A soulful, lamenting melody is created from the opening theme, and then an element of “Heavy Metal” with some brutal and rocking unison cross-rhythms. The lamenting rising theme continues throughout, getting a playful groove, and then climaxing to an epic finish worthy of  your favourite Marvel movie!

SFS Flute Festival is happening on April 22nd at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church.  Hope you can check it out!  It’s a great day for all things flute!

Schedule of Flute Festival Events:

10:45 AM Doors Open / Exhibits Open with flute & music vendors from around the country displaying and selling their products
11:00 – 11:50 Extreme Makeover: Flute Edition Workshop for everyone led by Jill Felber, Professor of Flute, UCSB
11:00 – 12:30 PM Young Artist Competition Performances by the finalists (Jeong Woon Choe, Jarrett May & Julia Pyke) of the 11th Annual Paul Taub Young Artist Competition
1:00 – 2:00 Young Members and All Members Recital Members of the SFS perform solo and chamber repertoire
1:00 – 2:15 Flute Choir Showcase The SFS Flute Choir and other community flute ensembles perform
2:15 – 3:15 Horsfall Winners Recital The winning students of the Frank and Lu Horsfall Competition perform
3:15 – 4:15 Masterclass with Seth Morris, Principal flute of the Metropolitan Opera
4:15 – 4:30 SFS Member Gathering Announcements / Elections / Raffle winners, closing with everyone performing the traditional Air by Bach
4:30 – 5:30 Guest Artist Recital Seth Morris and Lisa Bergman in recital, including: Doppler’s Rigoletto Fantasie with Christina Medawar; Nocturne by Lily Boulangier; and the delightful Twelve Miniatures for Flute & Piano by Mieczysław Weinberg


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Our pieces need to be full of musical nuance.  Everyone must play with their best musicality in order for this piece to be successful. Musicality can’t happen unless technique (notes/rhythms) are securely in place at the highest level of accuracy and precision. 


  • All notes and rhythms accurately learned; Technical facility is excellent – with confident and fluent finger technique.
  • All notes in tune – excellent control of tone throughout the entire range of the instrument; Listening and adjusting is apparent. Everyone in the ensemble demonstrates mastery of a mature tone that is rich, warm, and vibrant on all notes.
  • All printed dynamics practiced in – and are compelling.
  • There are evident Contrasts in all the articulations – staccato sounds different than legato which sounds different than accents … exaggerate the differences
  • The ensemble is well-balanced and parts blended – no one is relying on someone else to carry the section.
  • The ensemble shares the same unifying pulse – displaying synchronicity
  • Phrasing is consistent throughout the ensemble; everyone breathes in appropriate spots.
  • Very musical and sensitive performance. Appropriate style and tempo. Excellent use of dynamics (both printed and the performers’ own) to tell the musical story.

Rehearsal Priorities

Dedicate yourselves to Ensembleship – each rehearsal deserves your highest level of musicianship, shared with your peers


Happy Fluting!

(__( O )_____]]_o o_O_O_O O O_O_O_O_]d’ O_O_O_)


Dr. Sandra Saathoff

BYSO Flute Orchestra Conductor

Check it out – listen and like, if so moved  🙂  (my YouTube channel)



How to learn to deal with and accept performance anxiety: 

Bulletproof Musician is excellent resource for tips on practicing, performing, boosting confidence, and overcoming anxiety.  Check it out!


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