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Flute Orchestra Messages

Woohoo!  Way to make a splash!

BYSO flutists are amazing!  I LOVE MY JOB 🙂   <3

Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication.  Saturday at Benaroya was a fantastic experience and you really peaked to give a wonderful performance.  I’ve heard such amazing feedback and comments – Everyone appreciated the creativity and were wowed by all the sounds. BRAVO! You really impressed your musical peers, as well!

Be on the lookout for some great photos of y’all on BYSO social media.

Our Garden Party performance – despite the cold and wind – was also fantastic!  Way to make progress – and thanks to all who had to step up (play loud/learn new parts) to make up for the students who were absent.  Your efforts were much appreciated!  These type of events are especially important to BYSO and it’s so nice to share music with the community who might not normally hear us.  I was really proud of all your wonderful music-making and attentiveness.


Thank you VERY MUCH for an excellent year filled with lots of musical growth and epic music-making.

We’ve learned music from film, stage, and television – which has had an impact on the sounds of modern American classical music.  We’ve also studied the music of Valerie Coleman – who does an incredible job of combining the styles of music from many different cultural traditions and fusing that with her own ideas – creating new sounds and a fresh style (a more modern American classical music).  We also learned the new style of Argentinian tango, created in part by the contact Piazzolla had with Western Classical Music and U.S. jazz when he immigrated to New York City.    And don’t forget – the amazing masterclass with Marianne Gedigian.  WOWZA!  What a year!  Plus a compelling performance at Benaroya with extended techniques, while doing choreography 🙂

Your understanding of music and your performance skills have improved so much!  There have been many highlights that make me so thankful to be a part of your musical growth.

You all are awesome and have been amazing to work with!  I’ve been proud to take the stage with you 🙂

Best wishes for an amazing summer – and I’ll look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in the future.  Take care!





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