Cadet String Orchestra

Rehearsals will be held on Monday evenings from 5:00 – 6:15 pm. Musicians are expected to arrive and be prepared to rehearse 15 minutes prior to start time.


Rehearsals Fall Quarter Dates
Mondays from 5:00 – 6:15 pm Season 2024-25 rehearsal dates will
be announced Summer 2024.
Rehearsal Location Drop Off/ Pick Up
TBA Please plan on prompt drop off and pick up to
avoid congestion.
Fall Retreat Date & Time
TBA Retreats typically happen on one Saturday
in the Fall & Winter Quarters.
Fall Concert  Date & Time

Student Checklist

  • Bring a music stand
  • Bring a pencil
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Print your sheet music prior to first rehearsal (using link at top of this page) and bring with you to rehearsal
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal to ensure you are in your chair and ready to play at the start of rehearsal
  • Have fun!


Cadet String Orchestra is an entry-level orchestra for strings. This BYSO ensemble is open to string players (violin, viola, cello, double bass), who are at least six years old, can read simple music easily, and are comfortable with their instrument. The typical Cadet String Orchestra student may have started the instrument only recently but has developed solid early proficiency and is prepared for the challenges of a large group setting. Students accepted into Cadet String Orchestra typically have been playing the instrument for one to three years.

Cadet String Orchestra is designed to be a young musician’s first group experience. Students receive instruction in following a conductor and playing as an ensemble. Prior orchestra experience is not required.

The repertoire for Cadet String Orchestra is mostly in first position, but it is still challenging, with some knowledge of sharps and flats required. Past works performed include arrangements of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, and Balmages’s Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song.

Recent Cadet String Ensemble Performance:

Conductor: Andrew Kam

Andrew Kam received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Miami and his Master’s degree in Violin Performance from the University of Oregon. Mr. Kam currently serves as Orchestra Director for Bellevue High School and is a violinist with Symphony Tacoma. Learn more.

Contact Andrew Kam at

Messages from the Conductor

  1. No Seating Auditions for Spring Quarter
  2. Appalachian Hymn – new music, handed out 4/22


How we do Seating Auditions:

  • auditions are optional
  • in-person only during rehearsal on Monday, 10/23
  • After seating auditions, there is no “ranking”. We select the leadership chairs first, then balance the remaining section chairs and rows based on ability so that the back of the orchestra is as strong as the front.

Why do we do offer seating auditions?

  • seating auditions are intended to select Principal and Assistant Principal players. These musicians are the leaders in our orchestra and must demonstrate the highest level of individual musical skill, ensemble playing, and model excellent behavior during rehearsals and performances. It is a big responsibility!

Winter/Spring* Quarter Seating Audition Excerpts:

  • Violin 1: Mi Caballito, m.13 – 29; Apollo Dance, m.29 – 57
  • Violin 2: Mi Caballito, m.13 – 24 and m.57 – End; Apollo Scherzo, m.14 – 31; Apollo Dance, m.41 – 56
  • Viola: Mi Caballito, m.17 – 29 and m.41 – 48; Apollo Waltz, m.9 – 25; Apollo Scherzo, m.45 – 48
  • Cello: Mi Caballito, m.21 – 28 and m.41 – 48; Apollo Waltz, m.25 – 40, Apollo Dance m.37 – 48

*There is no seating audition in Spring Quarter


Apollo Suite: (I) Prelude, h = 96; (II) Waltz, q = 152; (III) Scherzo, q= 120; (IV) Dance, q = 120

Mi Caballito, q = 138

Mi Caballito

Prelude and Fugue

Mahler’s Mysterious March

A Vikings Tale



Link to Cadet Orchestra Handbook


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