youth playing in concert

Cadet Messages

Greetings Cadet String Orchestra Families! Thank you for encouraging your young musicians to continue to practice their music prior to rehearsals. They get the best experience out of rehearsals if everyone comes prepared (if everyone learns their notes and rhythms at home, we can focus on ensemble skills).

Please remember to bring the following to each rehearsal: (1) instrument, (2) music and pencil, (3) music stand.

Nearly all musicians in the orchestra will work with a stand partner. Stand partners share a music stand, but most importantly they learn to rely on one another during rehearsals and performances. Stand partners help each other find measure numbers during rehearsals, help keep music in order, and are generally helpful towards one another.


Performance Tempo:

  • Bartok
    • mvt. I, Allegro, q = 96
    • mvt. II, Molto sostenuto, q = 66
    • mvt. III, Allegro moderato, q = 96
    • mvt. IV, Poco allegretto, q = 92
  • Barcarolle, Allegretto h. = 52 (q = 156)


Andrew Kam, Cadet String Orchestra Conductor

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