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Cadet Messages


Happy New Year Cadet Families and welcome to the Winter Quarter!

  1. You can download music by visiting my OneDrive folder. Violinists – please check your part assignments before downloading your music to ensure you are accessing the correct part!
  2. Violin Part Reminder: We value a balanced ensemble, with an appropriate amount of musicians performing each part. Please keep in mind part assignments are not rankings, and we often move musicians between sections. In professional orchestras, this is common practice. Thank you for your understanding.

Seating Audition Notes:

  • Seating audition results are not a ranking
  • Seating auditions help determine principals in each section (i.e. Concertmaster, Assistant Principals, etc.).
  • In addition to seating auditions, your conductor regularly observes individual rehearsal skills to determine principals.
  • Musicians not assigned a principal spot are intentionally placed throughout the section. They may be assigned to the front, back, outside, or inside, based on their technical ability. It is possible that stronger players are assigned to the back of the section.
  • Prior to the concert, seating assignments will continue to rotate every few weeks


For each rehearsal, musicians will need to bring their (1) instrument, (2) music and pencil, and (3) a music stand.

Please feel free to reach out at or with any questions!



Andrew Kam

Cadet String Orchestra Conductor

Cadet Seating Chart 2021-22



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