Our Values

Mission Statement

Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra enhances the lives of student musicians by providing dynamic musical experiences, fostering collaboration, confidence, and personal responsibility through the pursuit of artistic excellence.


Inspiring lifelong passion through music.

At BYSO, We Value:

  • Achievement in practice, performance and musical excellence.
  • Collaboration, both internal and external.
  • The confidence musicians gain when they discover what they can accomplish.
  • Creativity as the spark that makes music come alive.
  • Engaging the interest, energy and minds of young musicians.
  • Excellence in striving towards the highest level of musical experience, respectful of the whole child.
  • Inclusion as we welcome young musicians of all cultures, ethnicities, experience, gender identities, sexual orientations, and financial means.
  • Individual responsibility as a cornerstone of personal youth development.
  • Promoting integrity in actions and communications.
  • Support for an environment which creates exceptional opportunities to teach and play music.

Guiding Sustainability Principles

These core principles guide Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra in implementing our mission and values, set goals, and reach objectives. They are foundational for BYSO.

  • Community Relevance is the foundation of our larger success.
  • Artistic Vibrancy is the fuel of sustainability, unique to each orchestra and ensemble.
  • Sound Fiscal Policy backstops everything we do.

Sponsors & Partners