The Difference We Make

Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra cultivates personal growth by teaching responsibility, building confidence, and celebrating accomplishment.

BYSO has been an extremely influential force on my life. … I have learned the importance of self-confidence, but also the treasure of modesty. I’ve learned the importance of friends to motivate you, and I’ve had it proven to me many times over that hard work and pushing yourself will inevitably lead to many victories and triumphs. I’ve also learned that when given the opportunity, you have to seize it and use it to grow. If you have to fake it till you make it, then so be it, but one day you’ll be sitting right in front of the conductor in first stand, realizing that all of your hard work has finally paid off.  — Sidney, age 15

By pursuing the joint goal of creating amazing music, our musicians learn to work together as a supportive team.

Now, I realize that being part of an orchestra means accepting whatever role you get. Whether it’s leading the section, supporting the section from the back, or anything else, because every single role and seat is important. Without every single musician giving it their all, our orchestra isn’t as good as it can be. I realize that music is about sharing it with everybody around you, it’s about learning from your peers. And, I can thank BYSO, for giving me this new mindset. For giving me a new outlook on music and life in general. — Lauren, age 12

We enhance the quality of life in our community through our accessibility to all students, our mutual support of other local arts and school programs, and our community outreach performances.

I initially joined BYSO because I just wanted to find a place that would get me to practice. I wasn’t planning on getting attached to anyone there, and I certainly didn’t expect to love it as much as I do now. But it became much more than I thought it would ever be. It was a place to be my best and brightest self. It was where I met lots of amazing people that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It taught me that ability and chair rankings aren’t as important as I thought they were. Most of all, it was a place where I got to play music I liked on an instrument I loved. — Gloria, age 16

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