Premiere Orchestra

Winter 2021 Program

For BYSO’s Winter 2021 Online Program, Premiere Orchestra musicians are placed into 3 small ensembles – Premiere Flute Ensemble, Premiere Strings Blue, and Premiere Strings Red. (For Premiere/Sinfonia Wind Ensemble, visit this page.)

All rehearsals are held on Monday evenings via Zoom. Musicians are expected to be prepared and logged in to rehearsal 15 minutes prior to start time. Cameras must be kept ON for the entire duration of the rehearsal session.

BYSO Winter 2021 Small Ensemble Schedule
Ensemble Name Director Rehearsal Time
Premiere Flute Ensemble Nayoung Ham 6:45 – 7:45 PM
Premiere Strings Blue David Drassal 7:30 – 8:30 PM
Premiere Strings Red David Drassal 6:15 – 7:15 PM


Premiere Orchestra is an intermediate orchestra in the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra organization. The typical Premiere Orchestra student has had some private instruction and school ensemble experience and is working to improve technical proficiency.

Premiere Orchestra introduces young musicians to full orchestral instrumentation (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion) with repertoire that appropriately challenges their experience level. Past works performed include Brahms’s Hungarian Dances 5 & 6, Vaughan Williams’s Rhosymedre, and Mendelssohn’s Sinfonia No. 7 in D minor.

Premiere Flute Ensemble Information – Winter 2021

I am Dr. Nayoung Ham and a director of the premiere flute ensemble.   If you are new to this group, welcome!!! and if you are returning students, welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and holiday seasons!

The Premiere Flute Ensemble will be meeting at 6:45pm- 7:45pm every Monday night. Here is the rehearsal schedule for winter quarter 2021. Please mark it down on your calendar.

Jan. 4 – Rehearsal #1

Jan. 11 – Rehearsal #2

Jan. 18 – No Class (MLK Day)

Jan. 25 – Rehearsal #3

Feb. 1 – Rehearsal #4

Feb. 8 – Rehearsal #5

Feb.15 – No Class (Presidents Day)

Feb.22 – Rehearsal #6

March 1- Rehearsal #7

March 8 – Rehearsal #8

For the winter quarter, we will be playing “The Flower Duet” by L. Delibes and “The Pink Panther Theme” by H. Mancini and scales as a warm up and some of Bach duets for sight reading exercise.

Here is my zoom link that you can save:

Meeting ID: 452 006 8295  Passcode: 54321

Please be there 10 -15 minutes before. You will be in the waiting room before I admit you to join. You can be muted and turned off your camera while you are in the waiting room HOWEVER, you MUST turn on your camera when we start the rehearsal.

Conductor: David Drassal

David Drassal holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Central Washington University. Mr. Drassal currently teaches orchestra at Tyee Middle School in the Bellevue School District. Learn more.

Contact David Drassal at

Messages from the Conductor

Welcome to Premiere String Ensembles- Winter 2021


David Drassal-

View conductor messages and Report an Absence at



  • Premiere string ensembles will NOT meet tonight (January 25)
  • We will instead meet at the same time and location tomorrow, January 26
  • We will record and post the rehearsal video for anyone who is unable to attend the rehearsal


Premiere Red Ensemble- Mondays 6:15-7:15

Premiere Blue Ensemble- Mondays 7:30-8:30

  • Music- Orange Jam- A copy of the music was emailed to your contact email adress
    • January 4- Tonight- Get to know the ensemble and the music
    • January 11- Join UpBeat Live- Work on measures 15-33
    • January 18- NO REHEARSAL- MLK Day
    • January 25- Measures 15-33- similar parts practicing together
    • February 1- Measures 37-45- Timing- rhythms, syncopations
    • February 8- Measures 45-end- Lining up 53 to the end
    • February 15- NO REHEARSAL- Mid-Winter Break
    • February 22- Measures 1-15
    • March 1- Recording Practice with backing tracks
    • March 8- Final Rehearsal- Final notes and backing tracks


  • Original work for the Oregon Music Educator’s Association Junior High All State Orchestra in 2007
  • Influenced by the teachers and students that he worked with while he was the guest conductor for the orchestra in 2006
  • Straight forward rock piece
    • –Influences of jazz, funk, rock, and fiddle
  • Emphasis on proper bowing style and double stops to create an infectious rhythmic groove
  • Have Fun!


  • Key of g minor- 2 flats- Bb and Eb
  • Double stops- all should be played by all musicians
  • Glissando- All on one string- one beat long with a heavy landing on beat 1 after the gliss.
  • Slide- Start under the pitch printed and quickly slide into the printed note
  • Hammered accents- Many sections ask for a very heavy rock-style sound, like heavy martele

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