Premiere Orchestra

  • Winter Quarter music will be available via PDF download by Friday, January 5. Instructions on how to download music will be sent via email to all enrolled BYSO students.
  • Click here for Conductor’s Messages

Rehearsals will be held on Monday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Musicians are expected to arrive and be prepared to rehearse 15 minutes prior to start time.


Rehearsals Winter Quarter Dates
Mondays from 6:30 – 8:30 pm Rehearsals begin on Monday, January 8
Rehearsal Location Drop Off/ Pick Up
Overlake Christian Church Please plan on prompt drop off and pick up to
9900 Willows Rd NE avoid congestion. Note: entrance to building
Redmond, WA 98052 is past a very long parking lot.
Retreat Retreat Location
Saturday, February 3 Odle Middle School
11:00am – 4:00pm 502 143 Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98007
Winter Concert Time & Date
Meydenbauer Theatre Sunday, March 17 @ 7:00pm
11100 NE 6th St Call times and more information will be
Bellevue, WA 98004 posted here.

Student Checklist

  • Bring a music stand
  • Bring a pencil
  • Print your sheet music prior to first rehearsal (using link at top of this page) and bring with you to rehearsal
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal to ensure you are in your chair and ready to play at the start of rehearsal
  • Have fun!


Premiere Orchestra is an intermediate orchestra in the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra organization. The typical Premiere Orchestra student has had some private instruction and school ensemble experience and is working to improve technical proficiency.

Premiere Orchestra introduces young musicians to full orchestral instrumentation (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion) with repertoire that appropriately challenges their experience level. Past works performed include Brahms’s Hungarian Dances 5 & 6, Vaughan Williams’s Rhosymedre, and Mendelssohn’s Sinfonia No. 7 in D minor.

Recent Premiere Orchestra Performance

Conductor: David Drassal

David Drassal is a Tri-Cities area native, where he attended Southridge High School, playing trumpet in the bands and violin in the orchestra. He began Suzuki violin lessons at age 7 with Melvina Romanelli in Richland, WA and went on to receive a B.M. and M.A. in Music Education from Central Washington University. Mr. Drassal started with BYSO in 2007 as a violin coach for Premiere and has been the director for the Premiere Orchestra since 2013. Mr. Drassal also teaches orchestra at Tyee Middle School in Bellevue. Learn more.

Contact David Drassal at

Messages from the Conductor

Fall Quarter 2023

Welcome to Fall Quarter, 2023! We are excited to have all of you in our orchestra this season!

10/18/23- Seating Auditions

Seating auditions will be held during our retreat on Saturday, October 28. You will be asked to perform 1-3 selections from our concert music for your coach.

The seating auditions are important for us so that we can see and hear how well you are understanding your music. These will also allow your coach to see what you need help on in the rehearsals leading up to your concert in November.

Please practice all of the selections and be ready to perform any of them. Everyone in your section will be asked to perform the same selection of music at the seating auditions.

Questions? Please ask your coach at your sectional practice on Monday, October 23.

Premiere- Seating Audition Spots- Fall 2023

Your coach will be listening for: tone quality, intonation, rhythm, tempo, articulation, and style.

Please perform as close to the concert tempo as you are comfortable playing. Clean playing at a slower tempo is better than fast and inaccurate.

    • And it begins: pickups into 30-38
    • Slavonic: 37-45 and 129-137
    • Sinfonia: 15-20 and 95-100
  • OBOE
    • And it begins: pickups into 30-38
    • Slavonic: 37-45 and 129-137
    • Sinfonia: 15-25 and 87-95
  • CLARINET- Playing 1st Clarinet
    • And it begins: 41-49
    • Slavonic: 45-63 and 129-137
    • Sinfonia: 1-10 and 47-55
    • And it begins: pickups into 14-22
    • Slavonic: 37-45 and 129-137
    • Sinfonia: 1-10 and 47-55
    • And it begins: 1-fermata at 9
    • Slavonic: 67-75 and 121-129
    • Sinfonia: 25-33 and 36-42
  • HORN
    • And it begins: 41-49
    • Slavonic: 27-37 and 121-129
    • Sinfonia: pickups into 80-86 and 1-9
    • And it begins: 14-22
    • Slavonic: 67-75 and 121-129
    • Sinfonia: 30-38 and 93-97
  • VIOLIN 1 and 2
    • Slavonic: 75-D.C. al Coda (no repeats) and 102-129
    • Sinfonia: 1-11, 11-42, 105-end
    • Shandandan: 43-55, 71-94, 137-end
    • Slavonic: 19-40, 75-101
    • Sinfonia: 1-17, 31-50, 75-95
    • Shandandan: 23-54, 101-137
    • Slavonic: 53-67, 110-132
    • Sinfonia: 31-42, 51-66, 87-97, 106-end
    • Shandandan: 1-23, 23-43, 55-71, 113-137
  • BASS
    • Slavonic: 83-90, 110-132
    • Sinfonia: 10-20, 31-42, 87-97, 110-end
    • Shandandan: 23-43, 103-113

A NOTE ABOUT THE VIOLIN PART ASSIGNMENTS– Each of you auditioned into the Premiere level on violin. You are all good, capable violinists. If you look at each violin part side-by-side, you will notice that the technical demands of the parts are relatively the same. Each part asks for the same technical ability in terms of bow control, rhythmic control, etc. The main difference between the parts is in the range of the notes, with the first violin part typically performing up in position much more frequently. Lin will be looking to identify which violinists are the most comfortable in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions and which violinists are currently the most comfortable shifting quickly between all of these positions as the part demands. That will be our first violin section for Fall quarter.

10/8/23- Violin Part Assignments- new assignments begin Monday 10/16/23

Please download your correct violin part for rehearsal. Some of you may have moved from one violin section to the other. We will have extra copies available in case you are unable to print your new part in time.


Chloe R, Victoria S, Griffin D, Ricky G.O, Jingwen Z, Izzie C, Zihan L, Helen W, Ellie C, Sachi J, Catherine M, Elynna W, Zoe X, Mihir M, Annika F, Shihyun P, Lingying S, Miles S


Avani A, Abby C, Shruthi I, Maia J, Aditi K, Guhan T, Yujin A, Cecile G, Roshni D, Rumi P, Aaron J, Jiaying M, Kanna S, Keshav I, Chloe K, Tillie Y, Ashwika S, Naveen V

Rehearsal Notes 10/8/23

Good work learning your parts and thank you for showing up prepared on your part so that our rehearsals can run smoothly and we can work on all of the musical things.

Please add metronome practice to your home practice. In addition to knowing your notes and rhythms, it is important that you can also perform it with a steady tempo. Even if you need to practice slower than the performance tempo, it is good practice to play with a metronome so that you are feeling how the rhythms will feel when you play with the full orchestra.


There are MANY good recordings of all of these pieces. Below are links to the publishing company recordings as well as some YouTube videos that myself and Ms. Ogden have found that we feel would be good for you to listen to as you are learning what this music should sound like. It is helpful to have your sheet music in front of you while you listen so that you are able to compare what your part is with how it fits in to the entire orchestra.

We’ll post more information about the pieces as well as more recordings, rehearsal notes, seating audition spots, etc. each week.

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