Concert Etiquette

Musicians and parents should read our BYSO Member Handbook. This handbook outlines important guidelines and procedures we expect all BYSO families to follow.

Wait for Seating to Begin

Concert seating begins 10 minutes before show time and is initiated by a BYSO staff member. Only BYSO staff, approved volunteers, and performing musicians are permitted to be in the greenrooms and in the performance hall before concert seating begins.

Exceptions will be made for physically disabled or elderly guests who require special accommodations. Please tell a BYSO staff member if a member of your party requires accommodations.

Keep Children Quiet

If children will be in the audience with you, please talk to them before the concert about appropriate audience behavior. Remind them that they must remain quietly in their seats.

If your children are small, choose seats on an aisle near the back so their needs can be attended to with the least distraction to others. Keep an eye on your children in the lobby to ensure no running, etc.

Bring quiet, non-electronic materials such as crayons to distract your children during the concert if they may need this. Use of cell phones and other electronics are prohibited during BYSO concerts.

Stay for the Entire Concert

Plan to enjoy the full concert! BYSO musicians are required to stay for the entire concert that they play in, because listening to their peers and learning respectful audience etiquette are part of their BYSO education. When not on stage, musicians sit with their group in a special section of the audience to hear the other ensembles.

The approximate length of each concert is indicated in our calendar listing for that concert.

Use of Electronics Is Prohibited

All audience members must silence cell phones and refrain from using electronics during concerts. The use of cell phones, cameras, iPads, and other devices disturbs the audience members around you and can distract performers.

Personal video recording, sound recording, and photography are not allowed during BYSO concerts.

Feel free to take photos before or after your performer’s concert. You may also purchase videos of winter or spring concerts (available for purchase until two weeks after each concert.)

Minimize Other Distractions

If you will need a cough drop during the performance, please unwrap it ahead of time.

Eating is not allowed in performance halls. Discreet snacking in the lobby is acceptable at most venues.

Please take care of bathroom and drinking fountain needs before seating begins or during intermission. (Be aware that not all concerts will have an intermission.) Avoid moving around or talking while musicians are performing unless you have a true emergency.

Afterward, Wait for Musicians in the Lobby

Musicians will pack up their instruments, collect their belongings, and meet family and friends in the lobby after the concert is over. Do not go looking for your musician; your musician will find you.

Call or email the BYSO office to inquire about lost items. We recommend that you also contact the office at the performance venue if you realize you’ve lost something.

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