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Join us on our mission to support student musicians!

Donating to BYSO has a lasting impact on the youth of our community. Your donation helps support:

  • Affordable Music for All – Help ensure that family income is not a barrier to access or participate in our music education program. Support and believe in our mission as we provide equitable access for all.
  • Music Excellence – Ensure that high quality music education and performance opportunities are available for all students in our community.
  • Help us – Create opportunities to discover the joy of making music, promoting personal responsibility and fostering educational excellence, all of which enrich our community.
  • Music staff – Support the team that makes it all happen. BYSO has exceptional music professionals that ensure students are provided intensive, instrument-specific instruction at all rehearsals.

How your gift supports:

  • $50         Underwrites distributing complimentary concert tickets to a family in need.
  • $100       Funds a professional coaching session for one of our instrument sections!
  • $150       Supports sending BYSO Coaches to Title I Schools’ Music Classrooms
  • $250       Covers a musical instrument repair!
  • $500       Subsidizes Sheet Music Purchases/Rentals for one academic quarter!
  • $750       Covers an average financial aid scholarship for one season!
  • $1000     Funds our music licensing fees for one year!
  • $2,500    Underwrites the video recording and distribution of one concert series.
  • $5,000    Covers the venue rental fees for a concert series!
  • $10,000  Underwrites one conductor position for a year!

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