Volunteer Tasks

The three types of events that we most need your assistance with throughout the year are Auditions, Retreats, and Concerts. We also have volunteer opportunities at our office and at rehearsals. Please review the list below to learn more about all of these tasks.


Our three-day September audition period is the largest event in the BYSO year. In just 18 hours, our music staff will hear more than 400 young auditionees, individually, for approximately 10 minutes each.

These auditions are extremely busy and logistically complicated, so to ensure that they run smoothly and on time, we depend on a large turnout of volunteers from within our BYSO family.

One 3½ hour September shift fulfills one complete volunteering requirement for the year.

Winter and spring auditions are smaller events but still very busy and demanding, so we rely on our volunteers at these times as well.

Multiple audition volunteers are needed in these categories:

  • Registrar—Responsible for checking in auditioning students, getting signatures on required paperwork, and collecting audition fees.
  • Point Person—Responsible for offering guidance around the facility: directs students to warm-up rooms, ushers parents to waiting area, knows locations of restrooms. Teens also may volunteer for this task for community service hours.
  • Warm-Up Room Coordinator—Responsible for monitoring auditioning musicians in the warm-up room. Checks musicians in as they arrive to warm up and checks them off as they leave to audition, assists the Escorts in finding musicians at their audition time, and helps keep the Escorts on schedule.
  • Audition Escort—Responsible for escorting musicians from the warm-up room to the audition rooms at their scheduled times and back again when they are finished. Teens also may volunteer for this task for community service hours.

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Lunch Preparation Assistant—Responsible for setting up tables, serving lunch (usually pizza) and a snack, and helping clean up after the students have eaten and returned to their classes.


Concert-day volunteers may reserve seats for themselves and their immediate family at the concert where they volunteer.


Parent or other supporter with experience taking professional-quality photographs captures images of BYSO musicians for our use, during on-stage warm-ups before the concert and from the back of the theater (without flash) during the concert. BYSO will hold copyright on these images and may use any or all for BYSO promotional purposes. Please do not place watermarks or credit lines on these photos.

Greenroom Monitor

Monitors are responsible for staying with the students from their call time though the concert, maintaining order, and ensuring that all students are behaving graciously to each other and being respectful of the concert space. This means enforcing facility rules, such as no leaving trash in the greenrooms and no talking or use of electronics during the concert.

Monitors are responsible for guiding students as instructed by BYSO’s Production Manager from their greenroom to the stage or audience and/or from the audience to the backstage area.

All greenroom monitors are required to complete a WSP Background check.

Lobby Assistants

Lobby Assistants may do many activities in the Front of House before a concert:

  • A point person offers guidance around the concert facility. You will guide arriving students to their appropriate greenrooms and guide arriving audience members to the box office, restroom, etc.
  • A ticket salesperson helps staff our box office selling concert tickets. Volunteers for this position must be able to count money and verify legitimate forms of payment (cash, credit card, and check). You must be 18 or older to volunteer for this position.
  • All Lobby Assistants may be asked to staff lobby tables where season tickets or apparel orders are being distributed. Lobby Assistants also may be asked to help take tickets when doors open for concert seating.

Program Collation

Part of team that folds and collates concert programs in the BYSO office during the week before performances.

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Rehearsal Volunteer Opportunities

  • Rehearsal Assistant—Responsible for arriving early to rehearsal and helping to prepare the room. This may involve moving chairs under the instruction of the ensemble’s conductor.
  • Attendance Assistant—Responsible for arriving early to rehearsal and taking attendance as musicians arrive. Mark students off on a roster provided by the conductor.

Miscellaneous Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact the office if you are interested in supporting BYSO in any of the following ways:

  • Event Photographer—Parent or other supporter with experience taking professional-quality photographs will capture images of BYSO musicians for our use. Needed for BYSO community outreach performances and BYSO fundraising events that include student performance. BYSO will hold copyright on these images and may use any or all for BYSO promotional purposes. Please do not place watermarks or credit lines on these photos. To photograph regular BYSO concerts, please see above.
  • IT Corps—Pool of volunteers available provide IT guidance and tech support on an as-needed basis for BYSO office staff.
  • Music Librarian—Responsible for helping with our music library per conductors’ needs at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Mailing Assistant—Available for mailing assistance in the BYSO office on an as-needed basis for small bulk mailings.

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