Volunteer Tasks

BYSO relies on volunteer help throughout the year from both parents and high school students. This 2021-22 season, we are especially in need of rehearsal volunteers as we go back to in-person rehearsals. Please review the list below to learn more about volunteer positions.

Rehearsal Volunteer Opportunities

  • Rehearsal Set-up Volunteers:
    We need two rehearsal set-up volunteers for each ensemble.  The rehearsal volunteer is a critical role in helping set up the room, organize chairs to ensure they are space 3-feet from each other, assist students with questions and help conductor prepare for start of rehearsal. Time Commitment:  45 minutes
  • Attendance Volunteers:
    We are looking  one attendance volunteer for each ensemble.  The attendance volunteer will greet students in the rehearsal room and take attendance.
    Time Commitment:  30 – 45 minutes
  • Drop-off Outdoor Attendant:
    We need two outdoor drop-off attendants at Bellevue Children’s Academy to ensure smooth flow of traffic.
    Time Commitment:  30 – 45 minutes


Point Person— For our Cadet/Debut and Premiere/Sinfonia retreats, the Point Person helps direct students and answers questions such as restroom location, lunch time, and retreat schedule. Time commitment ~30 minutes.

Lunch Preparation Assistant— Helps to set-up tables, serve lunch and water, and clean up once students return to their classes. Time commitment ~30-40 minutes.

Retreat Set-Up and Break-Down— Helps our conductors and coaches get the chairs and music stands set up before the retreat, then helps them break it down at the end of the day. Time commitment ~30-40 minutes.

Photographer— Captures BYSO musicians during their full orchestra rehearsals and also their small ensemble/sectional groups. Photographers then send a selection of their pictures to BYSO. BYSO will hold copyright on these images and may use them for promotional purposes. Time commitment ~1 hour.

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Concert-day volunteers have the opportunity to reserve seats for their entire family before the concert!

Lobby Assistants

  • Volunteer Check-In— Assists our volunteers with checking in, obtaining a name badge, receiving their necessary job description, and answering any questions. Time commitment ~1½ hours.
  • Lobby/Ticket Sales— Assists with selling tickets, merchandise, bow ties, handing out previously ordered items as well as handling Will Call and Complimentary tickets. You may be in the box office or at a table in the lobby. Time commitment ~1½ hours.
  • Point Person— A fun way to spend pre-concert! A Point Person directs students to their Green Rooms, parents to the lobby or box office, answers general questions, and ensures our elderly or disabled audience members (and their families) are seated before the concert begins. Time commitment ~1½ hours.
  • Program Distribution/Ticket Taker— If you want to help but do not have a big time commitment, this position requires only 30-minutes of handing out programs before the concert and taking tickets as attendees walk in.

Greenroom Monitor

Stays with the students in their greenroom until right before the concert begins and ensures they are behaving respectfully towards one another as well as towards the property of the room. You must be comfortable with enforcing rules such as, “No drawing on the white board, Don’t touch the piano/drums, etc…” You will also direct late students to the stage if they are already rehearsing. Time commitment ~1 hour.

All greenroom monitors are required to complete a WSP Background check.


Photographers capture moments of BYSO musicians during on-stage rehearsal before the concert and from behind-the-scenes in the green rooms. Photographers then send a selection of pictures to BYSO. BYSO will hold copyright on these images and may use them for BYSO promotional purposes. Please do not place watermarks or credit lines on these photos. Time commitment ~1 hour.

Program Collation

Part of team that folds and collates concert programs in the BYSO office during the week before performances.

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Rehearsal Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cadet, Debut, Premiere, and Sinfonia Rehearsal Support— There ensembles are fairly large and having help setting up, taking attendance, and breaking down is a huge help. This is a great way to volunteer if you are hanging out at the rehearsal space the entire time. Arrive about 20-minutes early to help get the chairs and stands in place, take attendance as students are walking in, and then help break down for about 10 minutes when rehearsal is done. The time commitment, not including waiting for rehearsal to finish, is about 45 minutes.

Miscellaneous Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact the office if you are interested in supporting BYSO in any of the following ways:

  • Event Photographer—Parent or other supporter with experience taking professional-quality photographs will capture images of BYSO musicians for our use. Needed for BYSO community outreach performances and BYSO fundraising events that include student performance. BYSO will hold copyright on these images and may use any or all for BYSO promotional purposes. Please do not place watermarks or credit lines on these photos. To photograph regular BYSO concerts, please see above.
  • IT Corps—Pool of volunteers available provide IT guidance and tech support on an as-needed basis for BYSO office staff.
  • Music Librarian—Responsible for helping with our music library per conductors’ needs at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Mailing Assistant—Available for mailing assistance in the BYSO office on an as-needed basis for small bulk mailings.

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