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Premiere Orchestra Messages

Fall Quarter 2023

Welcome to Fall Quarter, 2023! We are excited to have all of you in our orchestra this season. Great sightreading rehearsal last night! Please look at your own parts this week and identify the most challenging sections. Your coaches will be working with you on October 9 and it will be helpful if you bring your questions then.

VIOLIN PLAYERS- Our first violin coach, Lin, will be listening to each of you play the first violin part of the J.C. Bach Sinfonia in Bb Major from measure 1-19. If you have not yet downloaded it, please download the violin 1 part so that Lin can hear each of you perform that section of music on Monday, October 9 during the first hour of rehearsal.

A NOTE ABOUT THE VIOLIN PART ASSIGNMENTS- Each of you auditioned into the Premiere level on violin. You are all good, capable violinists. If you look at each violin part side-by-side, you will notice that the technical demands of the parts are relatively the same. Each part asks for the same technical ability in terms of bow control, rhythmic control, etc. The main difference between the parts is in the range of the notes, with the first violin part typically performing up in position much more frequently. Lin will be looking to identify which violinists are the most comfortable in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions and which violinists are currently the most comfortable shifting quickly between all of these positions as the part demands. That will be our first violin section for Fall quarter.


There are MANY good recordings of all of these pieces. Below are links to the publishing company recordings as well as some YouTube videos that myself and Ms. Ogden have found that we feel would be good for you to listen to as you are learning what this music should sound like. It is helpful to have your sheet music in front of you while you listen so that you are able to compare what your part is with how it fits in to the entire orchestra.

We’ll post more information about the pieces as well as more recordings, rehearsal notes, seating audition spots, etc. each week.

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