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Spring Quarter 2024

Welcome to Spring Quarter 2024!


This spring we will be working on 3 different pieces from three different time periods, regions, and styles.

Our first piece will be Handel’s “March from Scipio” from an opera composed in 1726.

The second piece is the Scherzo, Allegro Giocoso, from the fourth symphony composed by Johannes Brahms in 1884 and premiered in 1885. This was the final symphony that Brahms composed before his death in 1897.

We will end our program and season with a crowd favorite, Blue Tango by Leroy Anderson. Blue Tango was composed in 1951 and published the following year. At the time of this composition, Anderson was employed as a composer for the Boston Pops Orchestra. The Tango is a partner dance that originated in Argentina.

Recordings for Reference- These are all very popular pieces and you can find hundreds of good recordings of all of them. Here are a few recordings that I have found to get you started.

March from Scipio

Brahms Symphony No. 4- Allegro Giocoso

Blue Tango

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