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Winter Seating Auditions

Winter Seating Auditions will take place at the BYSO Sinfonia retreat on Saturday, February 3. Attendance at the retreat is required, and there will be no make-up auditions. Those who do not audition at the retreat will be seated at the back of the section. Be sure to practice your individual part with careful attention to detail (including articulations) and to the musical aspects of the piece (dynamics, phrasing, etc.).  Be sure also to listen to professional recordings for a guide to tempo and style. The audition material will be chosen from the following selections:


Rimsky-Korsakov: Beginning to A; 8 after C to D; 8 after I to end

Copland: 6 before 4; 2 after 5

Dvorak: A-B; C-E; J-K; P-R; V-N-9 after O; 8 before P-P; S-W


Rimsky-Korsakov: A-B; B-C; C-D; G-H

Copland: 2-3; 4-5; 5 to end

Dvorak: C to 4 after D; 9 after E to 2 before G; J to one before L


Rimsky-Korsakov: beginning to A; B-C; C-F; G-H; I to end

Copland: beginning to 2; solo before 4

Dvorak: beginning to A; C-D; E-F; I-K; L-M


Rimsky-Korsakov: beginning to A; H-I

Copland: beginning to 2; 3-4; 4-5

Dvorak: B-D; F-I; P-R; V-end


Rimsky-Korsakov: A-B; C-D; H-I

Copland: beginning to 2; 2-3; 5 to end

Dvorak: B-D; F-I; P-R; V-end


Rimsky-Korsakov: A-B; C-D; F-G

Copland: beginning to1; 1-2; 2-3; 4-5; 6 to end

Dvorak: G-7 after H; R-U; U-end

Violin I:

Rimsky-Korsakov: 6 before A – 7 before B; 1 before G – 2 before H; 5 after I – End

Copland: 1 before 1 – 3; 4 after 5 – end

Dvorak: F-I; K-N; O-R (1st ending); S-W

Violin II:

Rimsky-Korsakov: beginning-A; G-H; I-end

Copland: 2-3; Dvorak: 47-70; 122-134; 134-152; 224-240

Dvorak: F-I; K-M; S-end


Rimsky-Korsakov: beginning to A; B-D; 8 before I to 5 after I

Copland: beginning to 2

Dvorak: C – E; H to 5th after I; T – W


Rimsky-Korsakov: 9 to letter A

Copland: 1-8

Dvorak: 1 after C to E; G to 3 after H

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