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Debut Orchestra Messages


Please read the message (below) from 9/18. Here are two additional updates from after our parent meeting:

  • Music links were sent to emails yesterday, 9/21 (around 4:15pm). Please print it for our first rehearsal.
  • Please have your student bring a portable stand to rehearsal (marked with a name). We will be using them for sectionals over the next few weeks.

Updated on 9/18/2023

Hello Debut Musicians and Families!

Welcome to the best group out there (totally biased!). I’m excited to make music with you this year. Learn “About Me” HERE!

Please plan to bring a stand, pencil and your music to the first rehearsal and label everything! We’re a big group, so I’ll have some seats assigned to help you find your spot.

Things you can do to feel more confident sight-reading at our first rehearsal:

  • Print out your music!
  • Mental Practice/Preparation: Listen to the recordings (below) to hear what the pieces sound like…even better if you can follow along with the music. You are NOT expected to know your music perfectly the first night!
  • Find out what key each piece is in and try to play a scale in that key.
  • Look for anything you don’t recognize or might have a question about and ask about them in rehearsal or with your private teacher.

Songs for Fall 2023:

Next up:

  • September 25 – First Rehearsal!
  • October 23 – Seating Auditions

See you on 9/25/23!

Mrs. Ewing

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