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Parent Meeting Monday

At the beginning of every new season, BYSO has parent meetings to cover important information about participation in our ensembles. This year’s meetings will be online, and will cover specifics about BYSO, our online offerings this fall, volunteer opportunities, and more. You’ll also meet key BYSO staff and Board members.

You will have two opportunities to attend a parent meeting this month. The meetings will cover the same information so you need only attend one.

BYSO Parent Meeting
Dates: Monday, 9/21 and Monday, 9/28
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Zoom links to the meetings will be sent in today’s newsletter. If you do not receive the newsletter, contact

Audition Results Are In

Audition results have been sent by email to your “household” address. If you are unable to locate the email after checking all of your junk and spam folders, fill out our Audition Results Request form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For general inquiries, contact

Audition Results Emailed

Audition results have been sent by email to your “household” address. Please check your Junk and Spam folders on all your devices before contacting BYSO regarding results. To request re-sending of audition results, please fill in this form. Please do not email the BYSO office requesting results.



Audition Results Soon to Come

Due to tech issues, communication of audition results has been delayed to early next week. Thank you for your patience. Rehearsals will begin Monday, Oct. 5 and Flute Orchestra will start one week earlier. BYSO’s Parent Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept 21 and Monday, Sept 28 from 6:30-7:30 pm on Zoom. This meeting is an orientation to the new season, which both students and parents are encouraged to attend.

Registration for Returning Youth & Percussion Students

Returning Youth Symphony and Percussion Ensemble students! Make sure to fill out this form as soon as possible so we can count you in for this season. You may choose to opt out for fall 2020 and have your spot held for later in the season. If you have any questions, contact

Subscribe to BYSO’s YouTube Channel

Subscribe to BYSO’s new YouTube channel! We just made the switch from Vimeo to YouTube. 100 subscribers will give us more customization options to improve our channel and make for a better viewing experience.

View our YouTube channel and subscribe.

Audition Results TBA

Fall Audition Results will be communicated within the next 2 weeks. Given the number of students who auditioned, our adjudicators and conductors needed a bit more time placing students. Thank you for your patience.

Save the Dates!

BYSO will be hosting two online Town Hall Meetings, September 21 and 28 from 6:30 PM – 7: 30 PM on Zoom, as an orientation for parents and students. We ask that at least one member of each household attend one of the meetings.

Rehearsals will begin online on Monday, October 5. Flute Orchestra will start Monday, September 28. Our fall season will include 8 Monday night rehearsals.

Rehearsal lengths for Fall 2020 ensembles will be approximately:

Small Ensembles, 8-9 musicians

  • Cadet – 45 minutes
  • Debut – 60 minutes
  • Premiere – 60 minutes
  • Sinfonia – 60 minutes
  • Philharmonia – 75 minutes
  • Youth – 75 minutes

Full orchestra with strings and winds – 60 minutes

Premiere/Sinfonia Wind Ensemble – 60 minutes

Philharmonia/Youth Wind Ensemble – 75 minutes

Flute Choir – 60 minutes

Flute Orchestra – 75 minutes

Percussion Ensemble – 75 minutes


If you have any questions, contact

Auditions Due Today

The extended audition deadline for brass, bass, and viola instrumentalists is today at 11:59 PM. Email for the Registration Link.

Audition Extension for Underrepresented Instruments

The audition deadline for viola, brass, and bass instruments has been extended to September 1 at 11:59 PM. Contact for the registration link. All details about auditions can be found in the Enrollment section of our website.

BYSO Executive Director on 425 Show

In the 425 Show’s Supporting the Arts episode, host and local Real Estate Agent Nicole Mangina brought Patrice O’Neill of Wintergrass, Robb Hunt of Issaquah Village Theatre, and Trudi Jackson of BYSO together to discuss the challenges and accomplishments each have faced during COVID-19. Take a look below, or read the blog post.

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