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Joseph Kempisty Celebrates 20 Years

This 2018-19 season, Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra is honored to celebrate outstanding Philharmonia conductor Joseph Kempisty for 20 years with BYSO. Mr. Kempisty has had a profound impact on BYSO’s programs over the last few decades.

In 1999, Bellevue Eastside Youth Symphony and the Youth Philharmonic Northwest merged into one stronger organization, renamed Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Kempisty was selected as the conductor for the advanced orchestra, which took the name of Sinfonia that season.

Since then, Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra has grown from four orchestras to six orchestras and three ensembles, of which Mr. Kempisty conducts Philharmonia. Mr. Kempisty has witnessed marvelous changes as BYSO’s membership has increased and students have had the opportunity to perform at prestigious locations such as Benaroya Hall.

Mr. Kempisty writes, “Over these two decades, I feel privileged to have joined thousands of students and families as well as BYSO staff, board members, and members of our larger community. Our combined efforts have resulted in tremendous musical growth, and together we have built BYSO into a strong, vital part of our arts community. I believe that our combined efforts will continue to allow BYSO to inspire lives through music for years to come!”

A true inspiration, Mr. Kempisty’s exceptional performance and personality has been noted by several students and staff members:

  • “Mr. Kempisty is the best conductor I’ve had. He’s incredibly kind and makes everyone feel included and of equal importance in the orchestra. He is very encouraging and makes us all better musicians through his knowledgeable instruction.”
    • BSYO student, Philharmonia
  • “His influence keeps us professional and high-performing.”
    • Mollie Ewing, Debut String Orchestra conductor
  • “I can’t say enough about his inspiration, leadership, and care for all our students.”
    • Trudi Jackson, BYSO Executive Director

On behalf of the BYSO Staff and Board, we deeply thank Joseph Kempisty for his continued leadership, dedication, and commitment to music education for our students.

Here’s to another 20 years!

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