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Full Online Orchestra

Fall 2020 Program

BYSO’s Full Online Orchestra is a virtual orchestra for students of all levels and instruments. This orchestra is an opportunity for students to improve their musical skills while learning how to record like the professionals. This online class will work toward a completely virtual performance by the end of the quarter.

All rehearsals are held on Monday evenings via Zoom. Musicians are expected to be prepared and logged in to rehearsal 15 minutes prior to start time. Cameras must be kept ON for the entire duration of the rehearsal session.

Director: Barney Blough

Rehearsal Time: 7:30-8:30 PM


Conductor: Barney Blough

Barney Blough holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance and a Master of Music Education degree from Central Washington University, a Teaching Certificate from Seattle Pacific University, and a Professional Certificate from Pacific Lutheran University. He has served as Music Director of the Seattle Chamber Orchestra, Assistant Conductor of the Rainier Symphony, and Assistant Conductor of the Lake Union Civic Orchestra. Learn more.

Contact Barney Blough at

Messages from the Conductor

Full Online Orchestra Zoom Meeting Link
Time: This is a recurring meeting every Monday night from 7:30 – 8:30
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 920 658 7770
Passcode: BYSO

Here is the backing track that you will watch and listen to while you record. You will find it helpful to practice with this video recording because it has a conductor and voice cues to let you know things like when to start, and when to slow down. Practice with this recording frequently, following the conductor and matching the style, rhythm, articulation, phrasing, and intonation that you hear on the recording: Waltz of the Flowers Backing Track.

Here is the actual recording that the dancers listen to while they rehearse. It’s the same recording that I used for the backing track, and we want to sound as close to this as we possibly can. Listen to this recording over and over, many many times and pay close attention to the style, tempo, articulation, phrasing, etc. ECB’s Waltz of the Flowers Rehearsal Recording

Our Second Group Meeting on October 12
In case you missed our second meeting, here is a video recording from Zoom: Meeting No. 2 on October 12. The Passcode is 8=cjGt+v

Our First Group Meeting On October 7
In case you missed our first meeting, here is a video recording from Zoom: Meeting No. 1 on October 5. The Passcode is FSB&0SBt

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for violin, woodwind, and brass part assignments and to download your part.

Waltz of the Flowers Project Description
The Full Online Orchestra Online will be recording the Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. We will be collaborating with the Evergreen City Ballet for their production of a Nutcracker movie. You can see a past performance by the Evergreen City Ballet at this link: Waltz of the Flowers – Evergreen City Ballet. Our recording will be used by the dancers in rehearsal and for the final performance in the movie. The final video will included side-by-side and blended images of the musicians and the dancers.

BYSO students will record their parts as if they were in a professional recording studio. Performance tips will be provided by our coaches in sectionals, and students will be expected to practice their parts thoroughly before they begin recording. Specific instructions for recording both audio and video will be provided in rehearsals.

Here is a brief overview of the recording process. A click track will be used to help us play in the same tempo so our final recordings can be merged together seamlessly. The click track will also include a backing track, which is a model recording that will help us play in tune, with correct rhythm, articulation, and dynamics.

Students will need to have two devices in order to record their parts: a computer to listen to the click track, and a cell phone to record on. They will listen to the click track on their headphones while recording the audio and video of their performance on their phone. They can prop their phone on a table or shelf to record, but they will get the best results if they use a selfie stick attached to a camera tripod. More details will be provided in rehearsal as we prepare to begin recording.

Download Parts
Parts can be downloaded here: Waltz of the Flowers.

Woodwind part assignments
Claire Wei, Flute 1
Anusha Begur, Flute 2
Eun Jin Kang, Flute 2
Sydney Kincaid, Oboe 1
Oliver Chen, Oboe 2
Rebekah Lindsay, Oboe 2
Marisa Joanou, Clarinet 1
Bryan Kuo, Clarinet 1
Angela Su, Clarinet 1
Anson Chen, Clarinet 2
Annie Shin, Clarinet 2
Pinakin Kanade, Bassoon 1
Madeline Zhang, Bassoon 2

Brass part assignments
Katherine Barnhart Horn 1
Ethan Pang, Trumpet 1
Levi Polsky, Trumpet 2
Zhiyue Han, Trombone 1
John Chang, Trombone 2 (Euphonium)
Aston Villasenor Trombone 3

Violin part assignments (Violin 3 parts will be available soon)
Tara Bhagwat, Violin 1
Yooseon Chang, Violin 1
Andrea Chen, Violin 1
Seorim Choi, Violin 1
Aryan Kondapally, Violin 1
Michael Kong, Violin 1
Jolyn Lai, Violin 1
Anderson Niu, Violin 1
Eden Poon, Violin 1
Hannah Wang, Violin 1
Lily Xing, Violin 1
Omar Abdelrahman, Violin 2
Gautham Ayer, Violin 2
Cynthia Gao, Violin 2
Justin Ham, Violin 2
Michelle Kim, Violin 2
Andrea Li, Violin 2
Sophia Li, Violin 2
Yingying Luo, Violin 2
Vidya Namuduri, Violin 2
Sanjay Rajesh, Violin 2
Avery Su, Violin 2
Wenjie Xiao, Violin 2
Eric Ye, Violin Violin 2
Anton Chebotaryov, Violin 3
Varnika Dokka, Violin 3
Veena Namuduri, Violin 3
Sophia Roche, Violin 3
Vidwath Sandeep, Violin 3
Chenyou Xu, Violin 3
Tillie Yang, Violin 3

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