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September 25, 2023

Congratulations on a great first rehearsal!  Our Fall Retreat is this Saturday, September 30th from 9am to 2pm.  Check the top of this webpage for more details.

Seating auditions will occur at the beginning of our Fall Retreat.  Everyone should prepare Part 1 for their instrument (if more than one part).  Listen to the recordings on this page (or other professional recordings you have) for reference.  Here are the spots by piece:

Copland: Saturday Night Waltz

  • Flute: Rehearsal 5 to 6
  • Oboe: Pick-up to Rehearsal 5 to 6
  • Clarinet: Rehearsal 7 to 9
  • No other instrument spots in this waltz.

Copland: Hoe-Down (No faster than quarter=90, and slower is ok.)

  • ALL Instruments:  Rehearsal 19 to End
  • Oboe add: Pick-up to Rehearsal 13 to 14
  • Clarinet add: Pick-up to Rehearsal 13 to 14
  • Trumpet add: Pick-up to Rehearsal 12 to 13
  • Violin add: Pick-up to Rehearsal 14 to 15
  • Viola add: Pick-up to Rehearsal 14 to 15
  • Cello add: Rehearsal 11 to 12

Williams: The Olympic Spirit (No faster than eighth=138, and slower ok. Subdivide!)

  • ALL Instruments:  Measure 64 to 74
  • French Horn add: Measure 43 to 54
  • Trumpet add: Measure 43 to 54
  • Trombone add: Measure 43 to 54
  • Tuba add: Measure 43 to 54
  • Double Bass add: Measure 43 to 54

Video links to our pieces

Aaron Copland’s ‘Saturday Night Waltz’ from his ballet suite ‘Rodeo’ performed by the London Symphony Orchestra (1968).  Aaron Copland, conductor.  This video is the entire suite.  Go to 11:39 for the Waltz.

Aaron Copland’s ‘Hoe-Down’ from his ballet suite ‘Rodeo’ performed by the National Youth Orchestra of the USA (2018).  Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor.

John Williams’ ‘The Olympic Spirit’ performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra with the composer conducting.  He wrote this for the 1988 television broadcast of the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.  This is a score reduction, so you will easily see which instruments are playing the same rhythmic parts.  One change he made after the initial publication was in the final three measures.  In those last three measures of this video, you will see the initial written score but you will hear the change.  We will adjust our performance to match this later change.

Welcome to Philharmonia’s 2023-24 Season!

The music for our first concert will be posted on our website and linked above in the weeks ahead.  Please check for email notifications so that you can print out your music before our first rehearsal on Monday, September 25th.

I am in the process of selecting repertoire for this season, and I would like to have the input of our Philharmonia musicians.  If you have a piece or composer in mind, please email me the details at, and I will consider it.

Looking forward to a great season!

Mr. Kempisty, Philharmonia Conductor


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