youth playing in concert

Flute Choir Messages

Welcome to Winter Quarter

Below are part assignments – please download and print your parts here (BYSO Music), using the code emailed to you.

Quick Study:
Flute I – Hailey, Simrun, Coco
Flute 2 – Adelle, Jackson, Marcus
Flute 3 – Kayla, Suri, John, Suchith
Flute 4 – Ameiya, Shachar, Julinna, Shiho
Piccolo (on regular flute if you don’t have a piccolo 🙂 – Shachar
Flute I – Simrun, Kayla
Flute 2 – Adelle, Marcus
Flute 3 – Coco, John
Flute 4 – Julinna
Flute 5 – Shiho
Alto Flute – Hailey
Bass Flute 1- Jackson (playing bass flute)
Bass Flute 1 part, played on regular flute – Suri
Bass Flute 2 part, played on regular flute – Ameiya, Suchith

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