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Season Tickets

Season tickets allow concert-goers to benefit from package pricing and save time standing in line at the box office. Season tickets are a package purchased at the beginning of the year containing one ticket to every concert. BYSO season tickets have set prices, so it doesn’t matter how many concerts during the season the ticket-holder wishes to attend. This means that a parent with multiple children in BYSO can get tickets to all the children’s concerts in one package, all for one set price.

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How Season Packages Work

One person’s season ticket package will contain one ticket to each requested concert. These tickets work just like the normal tickets you purchase for an individual concert.

  • Two people wishing to attend the same concert must each have their own ticket—either by buying two season ticket packages (one for each person) or buying additional single tickets for specific concerts. You may purchase as many season ticket packages as you wish.
  • All BYSO tickets, including those in season ticket packages, may be used only for the concert printed on the ticket.
  • Season ticket packages are available at adult prices and at youth/senior/alumni prices (see below).
  • If you have an infant or small child aged 3 below who can sit in your lap, you don’t need to purchase a ticket for them.

We will request all the children’s names when you order. (See the “Family & Friends of BYSO Students” section below.)

Families & Friends of BYSO Students

On your season ticket order, tell us the name of the BYSO student whose concerts you wish to attend. We will determine which concerts the student is performing in throughout the year and include a ticket for each of those concerts in your season ticket package.

If you have multiple children in BYSO, list them all on your season ticket order. Your package will include tickets for all the concerts in which they are performing. Be aware that ensembles may be grouped differently in concerts throughout the year, so your number of tickets may not match your number of students.

For example, if you have a Youth Symphony student and a Philharmonia student in your family, your season ticket package will provide one ticket when they are performing in the same concert and two tickets when they are performing in separate concerts. There is no additional cost for these additional tickets.

Community Members

When you order, select the “Members of Our Community” option. Your season ticket package will include a ticket to each concert featuring our top ensemble, the Youth Symphony.

You are welcome (and encouraged) to come and hear our other talented BYSO ensembles as well—just let us know which additional concerts you’d like to attend and we’ll provide the tickets. See our Complimentary Tickets page for details.

Ordering Season Tickets

Our season ticket order period is from mid-September through late October each year. We must receive all season ticket orders and payment at least one week before our first concert of the season to have sufficient time for processing and fulfillment.

Season tickets may be purchased for the current season only.

Season ticket packages will be available to pick up in the lobby at all November concerts. Season tickets will not be mailed.

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