Complimentary Tickets

Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra offers complimentary (free) tickets to individuals in select circumstances. Please note that even when concert attendance is free, it’s important for everyone to have their own ticket for each concert. We use tickets to keep track of audience numbers.

Complimentary tickets may be used for adult, youth, or senior citizen admission but must be used for the concert specified on the ticket. All complimentary tickets are non-transferable.

Who Qualifies for Complimentary Tickets

  • Current BYSO musicians. We especially encourage BYSO siblings to support each other by attending each other’s concerts. BYSO musicians do not need tickets for concerts they are preforming in, but they need tickets for other concerts.
  • Music Instructors of BYSO musicians.
  • Ticket holders attending other concerts in the same cycle.  Individual concerts and concert cycles are indicated on our Concert Schedule page. (Not applicable to the 2021 – 2022 season.)

Ordering Complimentary Tickets

Please email our office at at least one business day in advance of the concert, and we will put a ticket on the Will Call list for you.

  • BYSO musicians or ticket holders for the same cycle may also stop at the box office before the concert. Ticket holders will need to show their purchased ticket or ticket stub to get their complimentary ticket.
  • Please email the office at to request tickets for music teachers.
  • For BYSO siblings attending each other’s concerts, you may request a complimentary ticket. To do so, email the office at Please only order this way if you’re sure of future attendance. If you are not sure which concerts you will need complimentary tickets for, please request them one at a time prior to each concert.

Picking Up Your Tickets

After we have put your name on our Will Call list, you may pick up your ticket by checking in at the Check In table upon arrival at the concert.

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