Concerto Competition

BYSO’s annual Concerto Competition provides opportunities for outstanding student musicians to perform advanced solo repertoire in concert with orchestral accompaniment. Concerto Competition auditions are held in November each year. Registration for BYSO’s 2025 Online Concerto Competition will open in October 2024.

Who May Enter

The BYSO Concerto Competition is open to members of our Youth Symphony, Philharmonia, Flute Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble.

A student in another BYSO ensemble who is extremely advanced on an instrument other than the one he or she plays in BYSO (for example, piano) may enter the competition on that instrument with the permission of the Music Director and Executive Director.

Competition Rules

  • All soloists must be current, active members of BYSO.
  • The soloist must audition with one movement of a work that has orchestral accompaniment readily available. The selection performed at audition will be the selection performed in concert, if the auditionee is the competition winner.
  • The audition must be with live piano accompaniment. The soloist will bring his or her own piano accompanist to the audition.
  • The soloist must fully memorize his or her music for the audition, as for concert performance.
  • Contestants will receive written adjudication of their audition performance.

All musicians who prepare and audition for this competition are to be congratulated for their hard work and excellent achievements!

Recent Concerto Soloists

  • Elliott Sato (2023-2024)
    David Popper’s Hungarian Rhapsody
  • Edward Yu (2022-2023)
    Elgar: Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85
  • Katherine Li (2021-2022)
    Barber: Violin Concerto, Op. 14
  • Hope Hyink and Micah Hyink (2019-20)
    Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante in Eb Major
  • Kelly Chen (2018-19)
    Edouard Lalo: Concerto in D minor, 3rd movement 
  • Daniel Yoo (2017-18)
    Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo Theme for Cello and Orchestra 
  • Eugene Chin (2016-17)
    William Walton: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Andante comodo
  • Kieran Matz (2016-17)
    Haydn: Concerto for Oboe in C major, Allegro spirituoso
  • Julian Frank (2015-16)
    Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, Allegro


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