youth playing in concert

A Secret Language

by Madeline C, age 14

I’ve always considered music to be the secret language everyone knew, but only some understood. I remember the first time I saw an orchestra. I don’t know when, and I don’t know where. I just knew that a few minutes after I saw the violinists—their bows gracefully moving, and their fingers tapping the strings—I wanted to be one of them.

After a few years of private lessons, my teacher told me about BYSO. I was really nervous, because I had never played violin in front of anyone but my teacher, but I wanted to join. I auditioned, and was placed into Debut. I attended my first rehearsal, and I instantly made new friends. Everyone was really nice and welcoming, and the first time I picked up my violin to play with the group, it was an exhilarating feeling. My first concert of being a BYSO musician was a success. When the audience started clapping, it made me really proud to be part of such an amazing organization.

BYSO grew my confidence of playing in front of others, and helped me become a better violinist. Four years later from being in Debut, I am still a BYSO musician. I’m still making new friends, and am improving my musical skills. I’m still increasing my confidence… and I have BYSO to thank for that.

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