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BYSO 2020 Concerto Competition: Grace Rames

Congratulations to Grace Rames, BYSO’s 2020 Concerto Competition Runner-up! Today we feature Grace’s performance of the First Movement of Symphonie Espagnole by Edouard Lalo. Enjoy her performance and learn more about Grace:

Grace has been with BYSO for 6 years. She used to play the cello and double bass, but now has excelled in the violin, playing it for 7.5 years.

“I’m very excited to have been picked as a runner-up for the BYSO Concerto Competition! I’ve put so many hours of work into this piece and to see all the effort pay off fills me with so much joy. The thing I have missed the most during this pandemic is playing in orchestras and BYSO with everyone. As amazing as it is that we can use technology to meld together individuals and bring back that spirit of togetherness, it doesn’t quite hit the same as seeing and hearing a performance come together in real time. Though, I can’t discredit Zoom rehearsals entirely, it is also so satisfying when all those parts playing along with the click track line up with each other and create that full “orchestra” effect.

After I graduate high school, I plan on attending a music conservatory. My goal is to become a concert violinist, but I would also love to see wherever the music world takes me. Though music is my number one passion, I also enjoy drawing, fashion, and makeup. I love all things creative whether that be art, writing, or music.”

Congratulations, Grace! Next Sunday we’ll feature BYSO’s 2020 Concert Competition Winner, Renee Yeung.


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