youth playing in concert

BYSO 2020 Concerto Competition: Daniel Sun

Congratulations to Daniel Sun, BYSO’s 2020 Concerto Competition Runner-up! Today we feature Daniel’s performance of the first movement, Allegro, of the Flute Concerto No. 7 in E Minor, by Francois Devienne. Daniel also played his own piano accompaniment, a first for BYSO. Enjoy the performance below!

Daniel is a senior this year who has been with BYSO for 5 years. He plays a variety of instruments including cello, piano and his primary instruments, flute and piccolo.

“The BYSO concerto competition gave me a chance to be creative and push myself to see what I can accomplish. Back before quarantine, I always enjoyed accompanying for my friends. Though it’s not the same as playing with other people, this concerto competition gave me a chance to try accompanying for myself, which I thought was useful for understanding the music as well as fun!

Even though in-person rehearsals are difficult for most instruments and downright impossible for winds, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to rehearse virtually with my friends. The slower pace of rehearsals and sectionals allowed me to build a strong relationship with my ensemble groupmates.

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to a variety of classical music, leading science clubs at my school, studying physics, doing science bowl, playing video games, and video calling with friends.”

Congratulations, Daniel! Next Sunday we’ll feature BYSO’s 2020 Concert Competition Runner-Up, Grace Rames.

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