youth playing in concert

BYSO 2020 Concerto Competition Winner

Congratulations to Renee Yeung, BYSO’s 2020 Concerto Competition WINNER! Today we feature the performance that really wowed our judges. Here is Renee, playing the first movement of Max Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1.

Renee is a junior this year and has played violin for 9 years. After much encouragement from her neighbor and violin teacher, Renee decided to join BYSO for the first time last season. She says, “Thanks to them and my family’s support, I’ve gotten the chance to play in an orchestra with Mr. Kempisty last year, an octet with Ms. Liu this year, and to participate in this Concerto Competition. I’m looking forward to playing great music next quarter and beyond!”

Well done Renee, Grace, Daniel, and to all the other musicians that participated in BYSO’s first online Concerto Competition. You all did very well and should be proud of yourselves.


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