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What Fall 2020 Looks Like

BYSO is excited to be offering an online program for fall 2020. While the music making will be very different from our usual orchestras, we are confident that significant skill development will happen in a positive and supportive atmosphere. There will be no public concerts, although we plan a recording as the culminating experience of each ensemble.

Online offerings for fall 2020 will be:

  • Small String Groups, all levels (8-9 students each). Join a small group of your peers as you explore string orchestra and chamber music repertoire
  • Woodwind Ensembles (Premiere/Sinfonia and Philharmonia/Youth levels). Explore some of the outstanding music written for concert wind ensembles.
  • Flute Ensembles   Some of the most exciting contemporary classical music is being written for flute ensembles.
  • Percussion Ensemble  Hone your skills as you explore contemporary percussion music.
  • Online Orchestra with Mr. Blough  Improve your musical skills while you learn to record like the professionals. This online class will work toward a completely virtual performance. Strings and winds.

Small groups will be arranged at each orchestra level (Cadet – Youth) based upon enrollment. The length of each online session will vary by orchestra level, from 45 to 75 minutes per week. Online sessions will be held on Mondays.

Learn more at our Join BYSO page.

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