youth playing in concert

How to Tune a Violin

Auditions are coming up and it’s important those instruments are nice and tuned. Typically students have their music teachers at the rescue, but it may be time to learn how to tune your own instrument.

Learn how to tune a violin with this video tutorial below. The techniques discussed apply to all string instruments.

What you can use to tune your instrument:

  • A metronome that has a chromatic tuner
  • Tunning apps – there are several free or low cost apps such as TonalEnergy and Boss Chromatic Tuner
  • Snark Tuner – these are sold at most music stores
  • Pitch pipe – these are really good for teaching your ear
  • A piano that is in tune
  • YouTube

Reminder: Auditions for Fall 2020 will run online from Aug 10-24. Learn more.

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