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Congratulations 2020 Award Recipients!

Every year, we recognize outstanding students and volunteers that go above and beyond in our BYSO community. Today we celebrate recipients of BYSO’s Five-Year Membership Award, Volunteer of the Year Award, and Social Media Star of the Year Award. We are very proud of each and every one of you. Check out our video tribute!

Five-Year Membership Award

Anjana Begur, Ayata Bernhardt, Emma Chen, Daniel Choi, Seorim Choi, Lauren Crewdson, Kunchen Dai, Erin English, Marti Flickinger, Dmitry Flynn, Sara Hong, Connor Yuan-Long Hsu, Abigail Kearny, Rowan Kloss, Jessica Kusardi, Kevin Lu, David Lynn, Suprita Mantravadi, Melissa Mitchell, Jungho Park, Mitchell Pope, Prithvi Rangaswami, Asher Seet, Annie Shin, Anna Sullivan, Meg Takezawa, Sonia Tampi, Elisa Teh, Christian Trusedell, Andrew Wang, Brian Wei, Thomas Welch, Rowena Yin, Kolton Zeng, Sophie Zhang

Volunteer of the Year

Ruth Brewster

Social Media Star of the Year

Mallika Shah

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