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To serve our hundreds of musicians, BYSO frequently coordinates large activities such as auditions, concerts, and retreats. To proceed smoothly, those activities require more oversight and assistance than BYSO’s small staff can provide. That’s why we rely on our team of parents and other volunteers to support us throughout the season. Our volunteers’ support is worth over $25,000 toward our programs and your musician’s education. To keep BYSO running, we ask all families to fulfill at least four hours of volunteer service per musician per year. High school students are also encouraged to volunteer. BYSO hours can be counted toward their school volunteer requirements.

Sign up to volunteer by clicking the date and time below that work best for you. Please sign up using the same name and email address for yourself that you included on your student’s registration form. Read the task descriptions.

How to use the sign up:

  1. Use right-left arrows to choose month.
  2. Scroll down to see all days and time slots.
  3. Click on your choice of time and task.
  4. Click on the small “sign up” link.

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