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Fall Audition Registration

Step 1 : Fill in registration form before noon Sept. 4 2019

Fill in the registration form. If you are registering more than two siblings, contact the BYSO office. The form will allow you to request an appointment during a period of time, such as Sunday afternoon. If you have a conflict or a special request, please use the appropriate section of the form for that information. After all requests are received, appointments will be scheduled and you will be notified by September 5 of your specific appointment time.

Late applications may be considered for the following instruments: low brass, viola, double bass, and bassoon.  Please email the BYSO office at to request.

Step 2: Pay audition fee

The audition fee of $36 must be paid before an audition appointment will be scheduled. Audition fee is not refundable.

Pay Audition Fee


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