At the Audition


When you arrive at the audition location, follow the BYSO signs to the registration table.

If you have not paid your audition fee yet, you will be required to do so at this time. The audition fee is required at every audition, including advancement auditions, and is non-refundable.

The student will be given a personalized audition form to take into the audition. The student will be directed to a warm-up room where he or she can unpack and prepare. Warm-up rooms and audition rooms are for auditioning students and BYSO staff only. Designated waiting areas will be available for family members and other guests.


When it is the student’s turn to audition, a BYSO staff member or volunteer will escort the student to the audition room. Auditions are about 10 minutes long. The student will be escorted back to the warm-up room after the audition to pack up and leave. Young students will be escorted to the parent waiting area.

Everyone gets nervous at auditions. Try to focus on just doing your best. The BYSO conductors and coaches who do the auditions will be encouraging and kind—and they’re musicians too, so they understand audition nerves! Don’t worry, they will be able to judge your true ability even if you make a few mistakes.

To find out what you will be asked to play at the audition, see our Audition Levels.

If you still have questions, please visit our Audition FAQs page, and then contact us.

Placement Notification

All auditioning students will be notified of their ensemble placement by email within one week. Mid-season auditionees will be notified if they have been placed on a wait-list and their position on the list.

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