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Charlotte Field Memorial College Scholarship Application

Complete applications must be submitted to BYSO by April 15. The application includes:

  • The application form below, fully completed and submitted. You can save an incomplete form and restart it later, but you must complete the process within 30 days.
  • One letter of recommendation from the applicant’s school band, orchestra teacher, or private music instructor. The applicant must provide their instructor with this information sheet so that they will email the recommendation directly to BYSO. This recommendation must be received by BYSO by April 15. It is your responsibility to ensure timely submission of recommendations.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by a scholarship selection panel commissioned by the BYSO Board of Directors. Students’ names will be removed from the applications, and a points-based rating scale will be utilized to assure fairness in the selection.

The selection panel will include at least one BYSO Board Member, one music educator not currently employed by BYSO, and one outside community leader.

Points will be awarded for the quality and creativity of the essay; years of membership in BYSO; other service to BYSO (such as Summer Music Camp internship, stagehand work, or office volunteer work); the music instructor’s letter of recommendation; and the student’s statement of educational goals.

In cases of close decisions, the top three candidates will be presented to the BYSO Music Director for comment before the final decision is made by the scholarship selection panel.


Charlotte Field Scholarship Application

    a two- or four-year college or university and will be enrolled in classes there this coming fall.
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  • By submitting this application, you are giving BYSO permission for your essay to be used in full or in part by BYSO without limitation to help educate the community about the value of music experience.

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